Sour Jilly

Jilly doesn’t need cheering up; let her be sour. Sour Jilly is a hybrid that comes from the Jilly Bean strain and a mystery strain. It has a fruity, sour taste to it and has up to 26 percent of sativa-dominant THC.

Sour Jilly is a favourite in the cannabis community because of the many uplifting effects that it provides, on both mental and physical levels. This weed strain is perfect for day as well as nighttime use. It is very popular among recreational marijuana users looking for a strain that induces a good mood while boosting your energy. It is a sativa dominant marijuana strain, perfect when you want to have a classic good time, in an elated mood. This strain will instantly have you feeling euphoric. Occasional users say that it can turn you from wallflower to a social butterfly, it is ideal for smoking with a group of friends over music and good conversation. It is a good choice for people who want to wake and bake. It is sure to give you the energy boost you need, even in the morning. If you have a task that needs you to be going for hours and hours, this is a perfect smoke as it also gives you an uplifted mood.

In terms of aroma, it is very fragrant on the nose. It has gorgeous fruity scents and hints of citrus, with an earthy undertone. This weed strain leaves a sweet scent hanging in the air of any vicinity that it enters. Flavour-wise our Jilly is slightly more complex. It combines tasty berry and tangy notes. When you inhale it you will taste sweet berries mixed with tropical fruit tones. On the exhale, it has a more tangy and sour taste more sour with an edge of diesel.

It has a high THC concentration level, often reaching up to 26%. As you can imagine, this is a very potent smoke, people with a low cannabis tolerance should take it with caution.

This plant may make your mouth dry and eyes quite dry and itchy. You may want to prepare for this smoke by keeping some eye drops handy in order to avoid discomfort. Other side effects when smoking Sour Jilly may include a subtle headache that can persist for the duration of your high. It is not recommended for people who are prone to panic and paranoia as it may exacerbate existing conditions.

It has a wide range of benefits as a medical marijuana strain. It is helpful in managing chronic stress and depression. It also acts as an effective pain reliever, useful in treating chronic headaches and migraines. It can also be beneficial for people who struggle with chronic fatigue, as it will make you feel more energized and alert. Its healing properties extend to treating inflammation, particularly in patients who need to keep energized while being medicated. When it comes to growing Sour Jilly at home, the good news is that you can easily cultivate this in your own garden, whether you are a novice grower or a connoisseur. It can be grown both in and outdoors. This plant is simple in its nature, all it needs is enough nutrients and a warm and temperate outdoor climate. Sour Jilly that has been grown outdoors can yield around 15 ounces per plant. When this bud is grown indoors it can yield about 11 ounces per square meter. It takes around 8 to 9 weeks flower, then it is ready for harvest.

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