Stardawg Guava

A star in many circles, Stardawg Guava is a first-place prize winner for Best Sativa at the 2012 Denver Cannabis cup. This slightly sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross between Chemdawg 4 x Tres Dog creating a calming mind and body buzz. Stardawg Guava hits you with strength and duration that may be overwhelming to some. However, the uplifting effects combined with mild pine and cheese aroma is highly sought after. Stardawg Guava has a super sweet guava flavor mixed into its already delicious aroma.

Stardawg Guava is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to experience the stereotypical high (because of its superb genetics). A high that makes you think the colors are seeping out of the walls and are intent upon talking to you. All those funny thoughts that people have when high on weed, are from strains like this. Your imagination becomes boundless. It’s free of any boundaries, and only you hold the reigns. When smoking this prepare to be utterly immersed in a world of your own creation. The vast majority of people who’ve used this strain tend to comment on just how strong it is. Most even warn that beginners should stay away because it’s been known to be too strong for even the most veteran of users. If this is exactly what you’re looking for, journey on. If not, beware. When it comes to growing the strain, a lot of people shy away because it can be difficult to work with (due to stardawg guava genetics).

Similarly to other strains of this magnitude, this actually has several medical benefits due to stardawg guava genetics. First of all, one of the most popular medical purposes is nausea and vomiting relief (according to various stardawg guava strain reviews). A lot of chemotherapy patients tend to use this on their own because chemo tends to induce severe nausea and a lot of vomiting. This medical benefit has only one drawback. You don’t want to crossfade with this stuff! If you drink too much and need to get it out of your system, chances are you won’t be able to. That’s how strong this stuff is.

As for physical ailments, a lot of people use this strain to combat migraines, chronic pain, and insomnia. This particular strain is great for reducing inflammation, which is arguably one of the leading causes of pain. Since this strain chills you out and actually makes you tired after a while, a lot of people have used it to combat their insomnia spells. Stardawg guava genetics is arguably the reason why this strain is so good medically. 

When it comes to taste and flavor, the two are quite similar (according to various stardawg guava strain reviews). First of all, the smoke tends to taste a lot like flowers. Some say it smells more like Earth, but regardless, flowers are a selling point for most people. The taste is essentially the same, however, some users do say that the taste can be incredibly strong. Almost overpowering for some. Once again, stardawg guava genetics are to be held accountable. 

Do keep in mind that you may feel various side effects while high on this strain (according to various stardawg guava strain reviews that is). Side effects include cottonmouth, itchy eyes, and mild to moderate dizziness. If any symptom persists for an hour or two after the high ends, consult your general practitioner or family doctor.

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