Stinky Pete

In the marijuana community, it is often said that you never forget the first time you toke up and get high. And the same will definitely go for the Stinky Pete strain of marijuana. What exactly is Stinky Pete’s origin strain is up for debate as some claim its origins are derived from a cross between original Jamaican weed and White Widow. This strain is apparently quite rare and it possesses a high THC content. This strain is in fact so rare that it’s hard to come by in both the recreational and medical marijuana market. This also applies to the underground black market.

Contrary to what the name might imply, Stinky Pete surprisingly actually has quite an extremely nice aroma with a minty after taste follow-through. Pot users even make the claim that Stinky Pete is the most fragrant strain available in the market. Quite ironic, wouldn’t you say? Being a Sativa dominant hybrid, Stinky Pete produces verdant dark green buds with brown hairs.

Bred by Otis Gardens in Hood River, Oregon, Stinky Pete is a hybrid cross of Old Gangsta Kush, Vortex and Snow Tracks. While Stinky Pete produces verdant dark green buds with brown hairs, its colour is often purple, with orange hairs wrapped over a thick layer of crystal trichomes. The aroma produces a pleasant emanation with subtle notes of mint, citrus, aged cheese, and wet bales of hay. The flavour has been described as greatly mellow with an earthy quality. Users can expect a “melting” and sedated buzz which is perfect for relaxing at night after a long hard day at work.

Some users may get absorbed in the minutiae of stroking or petting the carpet, usually with their bare feet. While others experience their high as being clear-headed, calm, happy, giddy, giggly, and very cerebral. Upon their first hit, some users have claimed not to feel any effects at all whatsoever. Some may choose to smoke Stinky Pete in a huge basement with a sliding door opening to a large backyard so as to not smoke up the house.

Due to the sweet fragrance of Stinky Pete, users will experience a food craving known as “the munchies”. Some will want a whole box of cookies while others may prefer ice cream sundaes. Eating ice cream is popular when experiencing these sweet cravings. The stoner buzz people experience will differ from person to person. While some do experience one common effect of seeing red and green zig zag patterns everywhere they look. Upon a first hit, users may experience a long period of coughing.

Stinky Pete can be smoked in a bong or with a glass pipe. Once the buzz high takes effect, people feel the need to go exploring often walking to their local park with sprinklers on or through the woods when smoking up by the log fire when camping. Some sensations have been described as a slight dulling and feeling like one is falling through the very fabric of space and time. Others feel euphoric.

Stinky Pete is an evenly balanced hybrid of Indica and Sativa with a minty fragrance, gently overlaid with touches of earthy spice. It is known to produce high yields of dense brownish-green buds.

Stinky Pete offers a calm, happy buzz that is perfect for irregular, inexperienced tokers. It is highly suitable to indulge in during the early wee morning hours or right before bed at night time. It is often used to treat chronic fatigue, stress, lethargy and anxiety. Some prefer to smoke Stinky Pete while relaxing and watching TV especially a comedy sitcom.

Stinky Pete produces mostly a euphoric and relaxed type of buzz. It is considered the most appropriate type of weed to smoke for individuals suffering from depression, stress, anxiety, and other such afflictions.

Stinky Pete may induce sleepy drowsiness, loquaciousness, an uplifted mood, energetic euphoria type feelings.

While it is extremely potent and good for day time use, Stinky Pete is not an appropriate strain choice for those who are suffering from insomnia or paranoia. And due to the fact that the CBD levels are unknown, it is also unfit for those who suffer from seizures. Hence, it is not recommended.

Medical uses of Stinky Pete are fatigue, stress, depression and anxiety. The most common use is for the treatment of pain. Now while it isn’t strong enough for acute, excruciating pain (IE a broken bone or post-surgery pain) it is quite effective for the chronic pain that affects millions who do suffer. This is especially so for people as they age. Stinky Pete is a safer alternative than opiates and it is practically if not near impossible to ever overdose on and is considered far less addictive. Stinky Pete is the preferred choice for people who can’t take Aleve or Advil due to issues with their kidneys or problems with ulcers.

Another medical use for Stinky Pete is for the treatment of nerve pain and multiple sclerosis. Patients who smoke Stinky Pete have reported that it allows them to resume their normal, regular daily activities all the while not feeling totally “wasted”, “out of it” or otherwise totally disengaged.

So suffice to say, Stinky Pete marijuana is praised for being a terrific muscle relaxant, and people laud its ability to lessen tremors in Parkinson’s disease. In addition to that, Stinky Pete marijuana has been used to successfully treat interstitial cystitis, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, and a myriad of other conditions and ailments where the ultimate outcome is chronic pain. Veterans returning from combat suffering from PTSD are encouraged to try Stinky Pete.

If you want to learn more about Stinky Pete marijuana, have a talk with your family doctor. It’s unfortunate that people suffering from pain were at one time embarrassed to talk to their doctor about marijuana. This was due in part to the medical community is generally dismissive towards its use. But thankfully as times have changed, doctors are being more open-minded and try to be better educated and more conversant of the times regarding the use of medical marijuana. The best approach overall is to be totally honest and upfront with your family doctor. Explain that you’d like to use the strain of Stinky Pete marijuana as a part of your healthcare treatment regime. That way, your doctor will be able to point you in the right direction in obtaining the information that you require.

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