Strawberry Amnesia

Forget your problems and let them sink away into a sweet and blissful state, with Strawberry Amnesia. This powerful cross by Dinafem Seeds is a blend of Strawberry Cough x Amnesia. Strawberry Amnesia provides mind-altering effects with clarity and cerebral energy. You won’t feel bogged down as you enjoy the sweet taste of fresh strawberries. Strawberry Amnesia Plants have very dense buds with a THC content between 20-22%.

Many who suffer from chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and/or mood disorders love Strawberry Amnesia. This potent strain creates a euphoric and happy high. While there are some body-high benefits (like alleviating tension and headaches), it is mostly a mind-altering high. As it is quite strong, we recommend it for experienced users. Sit back, and let your worries drift away with it.

Wondering what to expect from this strain? While consumer experience varies, many users love this strain for the uplifting and happy sensation it creates and enjoys the laid back boost of creative energy that comes with the strain. Many consumers feel calm, yet energized like everything is right in the world. Find balance with the strain. This strain offers a high free of worry or stress. Chill out, and enjoy!

It is an excellent anti-depressant. If you’re feeling blue, this strain will help elevate your mood and calm your depression. It can help alleviate tension like eye pressure, sinus pain and relieve the tension that causes headaches. Without worries or stress, it can also lead to a stable sleep schedule and a good night of restful sleep.

What does this strain taste like? Users love it for the fresh berry taste it gets its name from. You’ll also love the light floral and earthy tones. The smell and flavour are both quite distinct and recognizable.

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