Strawberry Blonde

This strain is like a Strawberry Blonde in an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow polkadot bikini. Strawberry Blonde bred by The Farm Genetics is a beautiful cross between Super Lemon Haze x Sour Strawberry. This sativa-dominant hybrid provides a potent and fast-acting feeling of euphoria and creativity. Strawberry Blonde has a luring berry flavour and aroma drawing from its name. The plants of this sweet strain produce large, dense buds with a pungent scent.
The Strawberry Blonde strain is one that is great for using before getting outside and experiencing life. Sometimes you`ll notice a pink and reddish colour on the nuggets, and you`ll typically see thin little pistils covering the bud that appear to be a strawberry blonde colour. Strawberry Blonde has a THC level of around 20%, so if you’re new to smoking weed, this one might pack a serious punch. This is a fairly potent strain that will provide users with a high that will feel euphoric. If you’re ever going to take a hike, this weed is perfect to consume before doing so. The creative feelings that you experience after smoking it will cause all of the things in nature to be super intriguing. You’ll experience the high very fast after that initial toke, and will quickly feel the weight lifted off your shoulders. If you’ve been stuck at home all day, smoking some Strawberry Blonde will almost instantly cause you to want to get out of the house and do something active. Strawberry blonde has a taste of berries, with hints of lemon mixed throughout it. Sometimes people will also experience an aftertaste of mints.

Medicinal Uses Of Strawberry Blonde

Because of Strawberry Blonde being Sativa dominant, it will produce a euphoric and uplifting high that will be ideal for helping people with depression or stress. If you don’t feel motivated throughout the day or have a bunch of chores that you’ve been putting off, smoking some Strawberry Blonde can put the jump back in your step. It has the ability to lower overall tension throughout the body in terms of muscle pain. In addition, migraines and headaches can also be relieved by this strain.
Sometimes people just feel like they having a mundane day and need something to take the edge off. Strawberry Blonde is the perfect strain to bring you out of that funk and help you feel uplifted. Many users have stated that their appetites have been strongly increased after smoking this strain, so make sure that you have a bunch of good food stocked up before you start smoking it. This makes it a good strain to use for those that struggle with low appetite issues or nausea. If you’re looking to give Strawberry Blonde la kush a try, smoke a nice bowl and then get outside and do something active. You’ll enjoy the heightened senses that the Strawberry Blonde strain indica provides.

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