Strawberry Mango Haze

Strawberry Mango Haze is a name that you would expect to show up at your local smoothie or frozen yogurt shop. However, if you see this strain at your dispensary, you definitely need to try it. This sweet cross between Strawberry Cough and Mango Haze has a taste to match its name, full of strawberry and mango flavours. Like your favourite smoothie!

This sweet treat is a sativa-dominant hybrid that comes packed with THC punch. Depending on your bud, you can expect Sweet Mango Haze’s THC content to range from 13%-23%. This potent hybrid is powerful enough for cannabis connoisseurs but can be found in gentler forms if you’re beginning your cannabis consumption journey. Regardless of your experience level, it is sure to please your eye. This strain appears like a typical sativa plant with wispy leaves and sizeable buds. It is usually greyish green and purple with bright orange pistil accents. Sounds tropical, right?

Consuming this strain is a true delight. Your first whiff of the strain will reveal fruity notes of grapes, mangos, and of course, strawberries. But, this strain is more complex than its name may let on. Underneath the obvious fruity aromas, it has some hidden spice. Expect to pick up some peppery flavours and notes as you explore all this strain has to offer.

Once you’ve had a chance to enjoy this strain’s fruity aromas, you’ll begin to understand why it has become a popular daytime cannabis product. Like you may expect, this strain brings on the haze and does it quickly too. Expect to feel Strawberry Mango Haze’s effects moments after consumption. Initially, you’ll notice your face feeling flushed before the cerebral effects kick in. This strain is uplifting and mentally stimulating. You’ll be able to focus your mental energy or enjoy allowing your mind to wander. You may even feel introspective and find Strawberry Mango Haze a great product to encourage reflection and creativity.

Because of its intense cerebral effects, this strain is a great remedy for challenging mental conditions. Whether you’re feeling stressed or depressed, consuming this cannabis product is likely to lift your spirits. Plus, it will help you focus on your to-do list and enjoy even the mundane tasks that need accomplishing. If you find it difficult to spark an appetite, you’ll be thankful for it’s stimulating benefits. Just be sure your pantry is prepared for the munchies that will follow this strain’s consumption. As an added bonus, this strain is also able to provide relief from cerebral pains like headaches or migraines.

Low-energy individuals will love it. This strain’s bright flavours and overall uplifting effects make it a great way to start or add a boost to your day. If you’re looking for a dose of joy or to spark creativity, it is your strain. Consume this product alone to increase productivity or in a social setting to liven yourself up. Just be sure what you’re really after is a stimulant!

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