Strawberry Snow Cone

Just like how you used to have in the summer. This strain takes a male Snow Clone and puts it with a Santa Cruz Strawberry Kush. It tastes just like strawberry preserves and looks like a strawberry, too. One that is covered in crystals.

Not many cannabis strains can combine the flavor of strawberry with that of diesel, but Strawberry Snow Cone pulls it off brilliantly. A lot of users report that the taste is often diesel heavy at first, and the sweet taste of strawberry breaks through near the end and lingers for a while. The various aromas given off by this strain are basically the same. The first thing you’ll smell is a lot of diesel, but with time, the strawberry will come through. Some even say that they can smell blueberries and raspberries! Overall you can expect the taste and smell of this strain to be full of fruit and diesel. A perfect combination!

If you’re not familiar with Strawberry Snow Cone, you may not realize just how potent it’s energizing capabilities are. This isn’t like drinking coffee or energy drinks. Caffeine doesn’t even come close to the level of energy you’ll feel when high on Strawberry Snow Cone. People have compared it to cocaine in the past, and we believe that’s a fair comparison. It’s important to note that the effects don’t start there. The energy is just the tip of the iceberg. When the energy starts to set in you’re going to be hyper. Really hyper. Your imagination will go wild and your creative ideas will be more unique and interesting than they ever have been before. Writers tend to love this strain because it lets them write new and interesting things for hours on end before they get tired. Definitely give it a try if you’re an artist, musician, or writer!

The Strawberry Snow Cone strain is actually very good at alleviating several medical ailments. The first of which is severe headaches and migraines. If you suffer from pain in your head, you are in luck. Strawberry Snow Cone cannabis strain works wonders for everything pain-related. You’ll notice that the pain fades away until it’s nothing more than a super dull ache. You can also use this for toothaches, body aches, and chronic pain! Another medical ailment that’s no match for this strain is fatigue! If you’re tired during the day, Strawberry Snow Cone will wake you up. We already mentioned just how alive this will make you feel. And don’t worry, you won’t feel all the nasty side effects of energy drinks and coffee. You won’t feel jitters, anxiety, or anything of the like. Instead, you’ll feel calm, motivated, and energized as hell.

Fortunately, this particular marijuana strain doesn’t actually have any major negative side effects to speak of! The only ones you should be aware of are the usual culprits. Dry mouth and dry eyes! Both of which can be cured with just a little bit of water! Drink plenty and splash some in your eyes every once in a while (if you experience these symptoms that is), and you’ll be good as new! For more information on Strawberry Snow Cone feel free to visit and/or read some of our other articles. Do keep in mind that you can absolutely visit any weed dispensary and they’ll provide you with all the information you need. Good luck, and have fun smoking.

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