Sugar Black Rose

This is one rose you’ll want to be poked by. It’s a combination of Black Domina and Critical Mass. From Delicious Seeds, this indica-dominant strain is a fruity, flowery tasting strain that smells of earth and hash.

Through the cross-breeding of two strong parent strains of cannabis, Sugar Black Rose was produced. It contains a high THC content and produces an intense high that lasts quite a while. The Sugar Black Rose strain is sweet and florally. The flowers on this strain are dark green and large in size. It contains many bright-colored pistils and a maple-like resin on it. Let’s take a look at the Sugar Black Rose smoke report.

General Effects of Sugar Black Rose

The Sugar Black Rose strain produces a high that starts with uplifting feelings that lead to deep relaxation. Soon after that, euphoria starts to seep into the user, and it will seem to come in a wave-like fashion. Once the heaviness of the high starts to kick in, the euphoria will dissipate. It’s recommended to just lay back on a couch and enjoy the calming and soothing high. For those that want to get an appetite for any snack food they have kicking around, Sugar Black Rose is a strain that will give an insatiable desire. If you are using it as an appetite booster, it’s recommended to prepare the food beforehand, because once the high hits, you’ll be in relaxation mode.

Medicinal Benefits of Sugar Black Rose

The Black Sugar Rose strain can really help with chronic stress and fatigue. Anything that seems to cause anxiety or depression will be forgotten about soon after consuming Sugar Black Rose weed. Users will feel happier than they were before consuming, and the perfect time to smoke this strain is right after eating dinner. It is beneficial for those that deal with insomnia. Because the high lasts so long, it should be able to keep you asleep for the majority of the night. Users have reported being in a comatose-like state for hours after taking a few tokes. Mild pain and muscle spasms in the body can also be relieved with Sugar Black Rose.

Growing Sugar Black Rose

If you can find some Sugar Black Rose seeds, you’ll like to know that it is a high yielding plant that is not too difficult to grow. Sugar Black Rose will flower in around eight weeks when grown indoors. Sugar Black Rose outdoor plants will reach maturity by around mid-October.

If you’ve ever had a chance to try out the parent strains of Sugar Black Rose, you will love trying out this one. Hybrid strains of cannabis let users experience a variety of effects that they haven’t experienced before if they are used to consuming straight indica or straight sativa strains. For those that want a smoother smoke, try the vape form to experience the flavors a little more and the fragrant aromas. Users have given Sugar Black Rose a 10 out of 10 for relaxing effects.

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