Super Snow Dog

Super Snow Dog hits you with an energetic rush like a sled pulled by dogs. Sometimes referred to as “Snow Dog” or “G6,” this sativa dominant hybrid is an offspring of the Chemdawg strain. Super Snow Dog hits you with an immediate cerebral rush of euphoria while offering a sweet and citrusy aroma. This strain haps relieve negative thoughts, pain, stress, and tension.
Unlike what you may be thinking, this is not the sequel to Cuba Gooding Jr. comedy Snow Dogs. The Super Snow Dog strain is a Sativa leaning hybrid. Super Snow Dog weed has a pleasant flavour profile that tastes like a fruit bowl. It is a moderate smoke, with THC levels averaging between 13% and 21%. Super Snow Dog genetics are evident in its big and fully formed flowers. The bud shape is varied and can be anything from chunky and round to long and cylindrical. The internal structure gives you more of an Indica feel with its small and wide leaves that tightly coil inward toward the central stems. The leaves have a soft green colour and some lavender patches. Its pistils are bright orange with snow-white trichomes; it is definitely a sight to behold.
When it comes to the aroma, properly cured Super Snow Dog cannabis has a bold citrus smell with strong notes of lemon. When this plant is ground, there is a stronger herbal and floral tang. When you set this beauty alight, you get a smooth and palatable smoke. This smoke tastes like fresh lemon with an earthy undertone on the exhale.

Super Snowdog weed high

Like its Sativa leaning counterparts, Super Snow Dogs has a high that will hit you quite quickly. Your head will rush before you have even had the chance to exhale the fragrant smoke. This buzz can bring on side effects such as throbbing temples and flushed cheeks. In just a few minutes, these sensations will fade and leave you to rocket into an elevated state of mind. It can stimulate creativity and freewheeling word associations.
You may have a fresh perspective on otherwise mundane concepts and tasks. It is great for when you need to complete a creative project that requires focus and attention to detail. Even if you just need to do the dishes and laundry, a few puffs of Super Snow Dog marijuana will turn it into an exciting activity. As the Super Snow Dog high persists, you will not feel weighed down by any physical effects. It has been known to make people feel more in touch with their bodies, and it is great for exercise and even sex. Super Snow Dog has mood uplifting properties that lend itself to social settings.
Super Snow Dog is useful for medical cannabis patients. It can be a great help in helping people with attention deficit disorders concentrate. Its ability to soothe moods may temporarily ease stress and depression. The strain also has anti-inflammatory properties that treat headaches and menstrual cramps. It is also good for people who have lost their appetite due to sickness. Patients who are prone to panic and paranoia should take a limited dosage, as this strain can aggravate existing anxiety.

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