Sweet Baby Jane

Whatever happened to Baby Jane? She became a strain. From Vashon Island Organics, this indica-dominant strain combines Old Island Indica and Afgooey to make a nice strain that is good for relaxing and has a citrusy flavour to it as well. Users that love relaxing highs will love the Sweet Baby Jane strain of cannabis. This weed will leave people stuck on their couch and keep your body feeling relaxed until you doze off. Its ability to relieve stress is great for winding down after a long day at work. Some users with higher tolerance to cannabis have indicated that this strain even works well for them. It has what resembles green, mossy looking nuggets with amber frosty trichomes all over it.

Effects Of Sweet Baby Jane

Sweet Baby Jane will produce a high that is happy, yet relaxed and motivated. It hits you nearly immediately after smoking and will inflict the user with a nice dose of creativity and euphoria. Patients that have issues with mental illness such as depression, anxiety, and stress will love the effects that Sweet Baby Janes provides. It is good for people that suffer from fatigue, nausea, and chronic pain. The flavour is much like a sweet tropical one with hints of mango and lemon. It can smell fairly skunky as well. Users that haven’t tried cannabis or are still fairly new to it should approach this strain with caution. It can pack a punch and if you aren’t prepared for it, it could practically lock you to the couch with lethargy. It is best used during the evening and before bed because of its sleep-inducing profile. If depression or anxiety keeps you up at night, this weed is a great choice, because you won`t want to move after you’re done with it.

Sweet Baby Jane Profile

Sweet Baby Jane strain clocks in at around 20% THC and 2% CBD, which is considered to be fairly high. The high is manageable for new users if you dose properly. Some have compared the flavour of this cannabis to that of a tropical tasting smoothie. Sweet Baby Jane is indica dominant at around 70%, but the tiny bit of sativa at 30% will give an initial short hit of energy before you dive into the couch shortly afterward. The body high provided as you relax on the couch will soothe your muscles and place you into pure chill mode. This cannabis is surprisingly said to also arouse the user and create a little flirtiness. It has the chance to increase the libido and place you in that certain mood. One thing to note is that due to its relaxing nature, you can’t expect this weed to keep you awake for too long. People with insomnia, night terrors, and even restless leg syndrome are sure to benefit from the effects of this strain. Because Sweet Baby Jane packs a punch, you don`t need to smoke too much in order to feel it. This will help you conserve weed and no matter how much you pick up, you will have it for a while. Be mindful of when and what environment you are smoking it in. If you are ready to go to the gym or are in an active mood, then Sweet Baby Jane might not be too sweet for that experience. If you are full of stress and just got home from a full day of construction, then you will love it.

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