Sweet Nina

Sweet Nina is a tasty lady of epic proportions. This strain by Colorado Seed inc. is a cross of Hindu Kush x Nina Limone offering a bright citrus flavour and aroma. Sweet Nina hits you a few minutes after consumption, with a subtle relaxing vibe and supercharged full-body effects. Let your mind soars as your body melts, ideal for relief from nausea or stress.

Sweet Nina is equal parts indica and sativa, making it a true 50/50 hybrid. Because of its popular parents, this hybrid has a balance of sedative and uplifting qualities. Definitely a perfect combo. This strain typically has a THC content of around 20% and is a fairly potent hybrid although batches with lower THC levels can be found. Regardless of variations in potency, smokers can expect a reliable head and body high.

Sweet Nina’s buds are dark green with sticky orange and amber pictures. When consuming Nina, you’ll be greeted by scents of citrus and the earth. This strain has base aromas of tobacco, skunk, and diesel but is sweetened with citrus and floral notes. Sweet Nina’s flavours are similar and taste just as delicious as she smells. While not as sugary-sweet as some hybrids on the market, these classic flavours may make leave you feeling nostalgic. There is something special about Sweet Nina’s simple, smokey taste.

Suitable for day or nighttime use, Sweet Nina is fairly fast-acting. Wherever you are, prepare to reach the height of your high within a few minutes. Lucky for you, Sweet Nina’s high is strong enough to last and has all the best benefits of sativa and indica strains. The euphoric state will begin in your head before spreading warmly throughout your body. Sweet Nina is a cheerful lady after all and will help to elevate your mood without over-stimulating the mind. You’ll soon feel a physical release as relaxation rolls through your body. This state of relaxation is peaceful but not overly sedating, making it a great natural medicine.

Sweet Nina strain provides a great high but is also wonderful at treating medical conditions that have you seeking relief. Mentally, this strain is effective at inspiring joy and stress-relief due to its sativa component. Smokers can expect heightened moods and a break from any depressive or stress-related thoughts and symptoms. Physically, Sweet Nina is wonderful at treating inflammation and nausea. Inflammatory conditions, as well as general injuries and aches, will be relieved by the strain’s ability to relax the body and mind. If you’re impacted by nausea you’ll also love this strain for its ability to calm dizziness, discomfort and upset stomachs. Depending on your situation, you may also find that Sweet Nina is a reliable addition to your routine. Especially if you’re on any existing medications that may cause nausea as a side-effect.

Overall, Sweet Nina hits the sweet spot in terms of providing relief without impacting your productivity and ability to function. This strain has the potential to help a variety of patients – whether it be to improve mood or physical well-being. Sweet Nina may just be the woman of our dreams!

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