Tangerine Kush

Much like it is known for sandy beaches, surf and sun, Tangerine Kush is identified with the embodiment of California sunshine. Being of the Indica variety, a hit of this weed produces a relaxing, dreamlike high. This strain is associated with California because of its bold citrus flavour from sativa hybrid Tangerine Haze and its stoney effects from breeder Rare Dankness. It is unique with its impressively large flowers. It is a preferred choice for those in the marijuana community because with a THC content being measured between 14% and 20% it allows users to maintain some measure of energy and productivity.

If it’s main claim to fame can be attributed to anything, it would be due to its flavour and aroma. Described as having a mouth wrinkling orange, lemon citrus taste. After the initial sensation, there is an intensely sweet and sugary after taste. Due to its Kush lineage, larger buds yield earthy hash tones. It can be sparked up in either a traditional joint or in a pipe. It burns sweet with a subtle tropical citrus flavour with an herbal quality aftertaste upon exhaling. When it’s smoked, the effect on the body is one of being in a relaxed and calm state. With this strain of cannabis, the individual will feel the sensation cerebrally. This strain of this strain is good for those who wish to chill and relax. It also helps one get their creative motivational juices flowing. Users will experience a higher, more intense buzz often times making them very sleepy. This is referred to as “needing to crash”.

Tangerine Kush is well named. Its high is incredibly potent, but it is of short duration. It is an appropriate strain for users who wish to just sit back and relax on their couch after a long day. For recreational users, It’s mellow effects are perfect for people who want to either have some mellow alone time or to socialize and reconnect with a close group of friends. With this being of an Indica strain, it is in the head where one will primarily feel the potent effects. After taking a hit of this strain, users will feel happy, creative, loquacious, giddy and giggly. While their mood will be uplifted for the short term, soon drowsiness will overcome the user. As it is typically common with all other marijuana strains, dry mouth and dry eyes are to be expected. It is highly recommended that Tangerine Kush is best smoked within a week to possibly a week and a half after having been initially purchased because it is much more potent when there is still plenty of moisture content. This is always the case with tobacco products. Once the moisture content leaves the tobacco, it becomes dry, stale and it can be an unpleasant smoke. So it’s best to smoke it soon after purchasing while it is fresh. Regular users of Tangerine Kush prefer to smoke it out of a bowl or a bong as it will dry out quickly if left to sit for a period of time. It has been stated that the effects are augmented when smoked in the sunshine on a sunny day at the beach or when watching a good movie in the comfort of one’s own home.

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