Tangie Cookies

Set the oven to 420 degrees and get ready to bake with Tangie Cookies by Elev8 Seeds. This strain crosses the impeccable genetics of Girl Scout Cookies x Thin Mint x Tangie to create a loud, orange aroma. Tangie Cookies takes a bite out of stress and depression, allowing you to feel uplifted and stimulated to go about your day. This potent strain provides aromas and flavors akin to citrus fruits and a strong terpene profile.

Tangie Cookies Strain Info

For all your Tangie Cookies strain info, keep reading. Users will love getting their hands on Tangie Cookies. This Tangie Cookies review will go over all of the most important aspects of this unique strain. Cannabis users tend to love the Tangie Cookies strain because of its effects and characteristics. The buds on the plant are a minty-green color and almost resemble green popcorn. Taking a closer look at the buds, you’ll see bright orange pistils popping out, and a very thick and dense coating of trichomes. Sometimes the coating of trichomes is so thick that it can look like pure resin. When Tangie Cookies is busted up, a creamy and sour menthol type of aroma will be emitted. Users will love the interesting exhale flavors of sour citrus and cool mint.

Effects of Tangie Cookies

The high that Tangie Cookies produces tends to hit very fast and hard. It hits fairly similar to its cousin, Tangie Biscotti. Users who consume this strain will typically feel uplifted, happy, and euphoric, moments after smoking it. It is a good strain to use before engaging in social activities and gatherings. Overall, Tangie Cookies weed will just make you want to get out and do something active, whether it be outdoors or just hanging out with friends. You will feel an energetic high that will keep you moving until you finish your entire task list of chores that needed to get done. It is a motivating high that will help you get off the couch in no time at all.
Because of the motivating type of high that is produced from consuming Tangie Cookies, many different conditions and ailments can be treated with it. For those that are dealing with depression that tends to tear away at your motivation, smoking Tangie Cookies is a great strain to give you the boost you need. Tangie Cookies can relieve stress after a tough day at work and will have users not even thinking about how bad their Monday was. Users have found relief from headaches and migraines because of the pain-relieving effects that Tangie Cookies provides. Because Tangie Cookies is a hybrid strain, users will start to feel a little relaxed and sedated once the high reaches the end. Marijuana strain Tangie Cookies is useful for anyone that is feeling under the weather and has been putting off a project that they’ve needed to get done for weeks.

Tangie Cookies Cultivation

Tangie Cookies is a popular strain to grow for cultivators. This is because the breeder has marketed their seeds all over the internet, and the strain produces a great yield. The parents of Tangie Cookies don’t produce very good yields, so people flock to this one for the benefits. It is known to fill out quite densely, and growers are always surprised by how much it branches out.

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