Tangie Dream

Sweet dreams. This sativa-dominant strain reeks of oranges and rock candy, which is a unique smell if we do say so ourselves. It’s quite tart-tasting, too. The strain is a great all day smoke.
Made by combining the Blue Dream and Tangie strains, the Tangie Dream cannabis strain has 30% Indica and 70% Sativa. The Tangie strain, one half of Tangie Dream’s lineage, has had multiple wins at the Cannabis Cup, at one time, it won 10 prizes in 10 months. Tangie Dream combines the sweetness from Blue Dream with the tart flavors of the Tangie strain. The flavor profile carries strong citrus influences of tangerine and lemon. The aroma has a skunky vibe with earth and grape undertones. The plant has vivid green buds that are tiny and compact. The buds are covered with orange hairs that weave through it, and it is coated by crystalized snowy frosty trichomes.

Tangie Dream Marijuana: medical benefits

Let us start off this Tangie Dream strain review by stating that this smoke will give you a high that is typical of Sativa strains. Veteran Sativa lovers will enjoy the high that Tangie Dream offers. A few puffs of Tangie Dream weed will take your mood from a low to an uplifted high. Any negative thoughts or stress that may have been weighing you down is lifted with this smoke. Occasional smokers say the high begins with a euphoric buzz that fills the mind. The euphoria is accompanied by increased mental focus and more creativity. If you have a creative project to complete, try smoking some Tangie Dream to get some inspiration flowing. The strain has THC levels that are above average, about 22%.

For medical cannabis users, this bud offers a host of healing properties. It can help people with insomnia and restless sleep to have a good night’s rest. The uplifting mood properties can help in bringing some relief to patients with issues of chronic stress and depression. This strain can bring on the munchies, so you need to keep some snacks around when you plan on smoking it. This also means that patients with a lack of appetite and nausea due to illness and treatment can benefit from its appetite stimulation. The side effects of the Tangie Dream include dry mouth and sometimes bloodshot eyes.
Tangie Dream is mostly found in Colorado and Arizona. The strain seeds are available for purchase from different online sellers. If you want to grow this strain at home, you will need to know the plants grow quite tall, and they keep growing until 5th week. It takes up to 6 to 8 weeks to flower, when they are fully flowered, your grow space will be filled with tangerine aromas. It does do better when it is grown outdoors instead of in because of the way it grows very high. If you do choose to grow it indoors, it is better to use soil to plant it and not hydroponics. You can also use veganic cultivation to remove nutrients that are formed from animal by-products. This will let your marijuana plant feed from the soil naturally and ultimately give it a better taste. You can also add some microbes to improve the cannabis plant’s health.

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