Tesla Tower

Tingly sensations like little bolts of electricity will flow through your body when you use Tesla Power by Lazy Bee Gardens. This sativa-dominant cross between White Fire OG x Snowcap is a silver medal winner for Best Sativa at the 2017 Dope cup. The creative powers of the White Fire genetics and the energy of Snowcap combine into a true product strain. The long-lasting effects of Tesla Tower are widely heralded and for good reason.

This is a super flavourful strain that you won’t give up easily. With strong flavors and aromas strikingly similar to that of salt and pepper, this is the salt lover’s dream. But don’t worry, the flavor of the Tesla Tower doesn’t just stop there. After a while, you’ll notice that the salty Earth fades away, and is replaced by strong citrus with sugary undertones. That’s right! We’ve now switched from salty to sweet! What’s better than a little contrast? Nothing! The aroma is actually quite similar. Not only will you smell the familiar salt and pepper, but the citrus and sugar will actually hit you a lot quicker. And unlike the taste, the two opposites will blend rather than swap. It’s truly a remarkable combination of flavors and aromas.

Tesla Tower strain is a wonderful addition to our list of energizing strains. Not only will it make you feel like you’ve drunk a hundred coffees, but you won’t feel all the usual side effects of caffeine! Yes, that’s right! No jitters, no anxiety, no stress, and no upset stomach! You’ll be super energized with little to no side effects whatsoever! That’s something you can’t even get from the most high-quality energy drinks! Because of its crazy energizing effects, you won’t actually need to worry about fatigue anymore. We don’t recommend smoking this before driving (as that’s typically illegal in places where there are laws) but if you’re working from home and can’t stay awake long enough to finish your work, you should definitely try Tesla Tower.

One of the greatest parts about the Tesla Tower strain is just how turned on you and your partner will get if you smoke this stuff. Granted if you smoke too much you might be ridiculously hyper, but if you smoke just the right amount, chances are you’re going to have the best sex of your life. The energy bouncing back and forth between you and your partner in the bedroom will be amped up to a level beyond ten out of ten. You’re going to both feel confident, in control, and you’ll probably end up forgetting who’s the dominant one because you both will work with such coordination that you’ll end up thinking you’re one person. Trust us, it’s a truly remarkable experience, and if you haven’t experienced it, you’re really missing out.

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