Thai Lights

Lights, camera, Thai. This sativa-dominant strain combines Thai and Northern Lights. It has Dr. Atomic origins, and it’s a sweet strain with a hint of earth. It’s good medicine, too, fighting off depression and headaches.
Thai lights weed is considered as an epic work of art among members of the global cannabis community. The Thai Lights strain is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain that any keen weed smoker should try at least once. The strain was originally created by Dr. Atomic Seeds by crossing Thai marijuana with Northern Lights cannabis. The resulting bud has a set of properties that are pretty long-lasting and incredibly uplifting. Thai Lights buds are a great choice for smoking when you are on a night out with some friends. The Thai Lights strain also offers a host of benefits for medical marijuana patients.
This is a very consistent strain, the Thai Lights THC level comes in at 19% THC time and time again. The plant has distinct looking nugs that have pretty long pistils that have a combination of red and orange coloring. This is complemented by a coating of sugary trichomes. The flavor profile of this plant is also very impressive; it spans between mint and vanilla with an earthy sour vibe to balance the palate and awaken the senses.

Thai Lights weed effects

The effects of a Thai Lights smoke are both relaxing and euphoric. The high will put you in a very positive state in both your mind and body. After a few puffs of this smoke, you will start to feel rays of sunshine, making their way into your brain. It will wipe away all the worries that may have been weighing you down. It will also put you in a hilarious mood with a possible case of the giggles, and you will find that everything you do will be extra fun. Thai Lights is a great choice as a social lubricant for social activities. It is important for us to mention that the comedown from a Thai Lights High includes laziness.
This strain is like the fluffiest blanket you can wrap your worries in, both mental ones and physical ones. Thai Lights does induce feelings of incredible excitement and giggles. Think of a fun sleepover with some of your friends. Experienced smokers advise people to drink a lot of water on this smoke, remember hydration is key!
Medical cannabis patients can benefit from the strain’s healing properties. Thai Lights can ease muscle spasms and bodily pain. It is also helpful for managing depression and chronic stress. Even if you just need some help unwinding after a rough week, Thai Lights is your guy. The Thai Lights strain is quite easygoing and can resist a variety of molds and mildews, which means it can be cultivated both inside and outdoors. It will take between 9 and 11 weeks for the plant to fully mature. After it has flowered, this strain has been known to produce a delightfully high yield for harvest.

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