Thunderbird Rose

Marijuana grower from Eugene, Oregon Kotton for Rebel Spirit Cannabis has a unique sativa strain called Thunderbird Rose. This sativa hybrid known for its sweet uplifting and energizing rose-like aroma is due to its lime-green flowers. It is covered in red “hairs” known as pistil and tests at THC levels of at the very least, 25%. This strain of engorged trichome-covered calyxes and crimson pistils are expressed through large buds. Thunderbird Rose is a robust plant that can resist pests and mould. It possesses a floral aroma with subtle olfactory traces of a deep, verdant forest, diesel fuel and even blueberry. Widely known for its uplifting and euphoric effects, it is said to promote intellectual creativity and is a definite mood enhancer.

Considered to be an exceedingly rare sativa dominant hybrid strain, it is created by the crossing of a classic favourite, Blue Dream and Old Gangsta Kush strains. Due to this strain being so rare, little is known by way of its levels of potency. With mild THC levels, it has been tested at around 10% to 15% in potency as a general rule. Regular cannabis users are very familiar with this strain. Within the marijuana community, Thunderbird Rose is renowned for its wonderful berry diesel taste that possesses a notable rose flavoured influence upon the exhale. Its rose perfume can be overpowered at times due to its fresh bouquet of floral and lemon with a subtle earthy touch of rich berries.

The Thunderbird Rose high has been reported to imbue the smoker with mental cognition and clarity with a relaxing dream sensation after effect. Regular smokers say that they can smoke this at any time throughout the day. Those who suffer from chronic depression say that they feel immediately happy and euphoric after just a few minutes of toking up. Their mind is able to focus with laser precision on any task that they undertake. It is described as a relaxed energy. Throughout the duration of the high, smokers have felt very upbeat but never overwhelmed. Thunderbird Rose is the perfect choice for those who also suffer from severe mood swings, and chronic pain, stress or fatigue.

Thunderbird Rose can be used by smoking, vaporizing (vaping), eaten within food (known as an edible), or as an extract. It has mental and physical effects, known as creating a “high”, “stoned” or “wasted” feeling. There will be a general change in the smoker’s perception, with a happy heightened mood, and a possible increase in appetite known as “the munchies”. Initial effects are felt within a few short minutes. When ingested as an edible, the effects take place within 30 to 60 minutes. The overall general effects can last between two to six hours. Due to the relaxing dreamy qualities of Thunderbird Rose, it’s not surprising that it’s widely used recreationally.

Recent studies have shown that there are benefits to smoking this kind of marijuana. The study found that it can stop cancer from spreading throughout the body. In the study, breast cancer cells were treated and tumour growth was slowed down significantly.

Another study has shown that the THC level in Thunderbird Rose marijuana slowed the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Amyloid plaques that cause the blocking of the brain’s enzyme which creates them, the active ingredient of THC in Thunderbird Rose indicated that the amyloid plaques were slowed to such a level that it prevented the killing of brain cells.

And it has also been proven through research that other types of marijuana along with the Thunderbird Rose strain helped treat people suffering from glaucoma which is the increased eyeball pressure which in turn injures the optic nerve thus resulting in the loss of of of vision. By smoking Thunderbird Rose, the intraocular pressure was lowered. This was verified when compared with other people who did not have glaucoma and who had normal pressure inside the eye. The study does suggest that through the effects of smoking marijuana, blindness can be prevented.

The sedative effects of smoking Thunderbird Rose helps to promote sleep, which is beneficial in relieving the discomfort associated with people who experience rheumatoid arthritis pain. In one 2011 medical study, rheumatoid arthritis patients were shown that after a two week period had passed, they experienced a marked reduction in joint pain and noted an improvement in a better quality of recuperative sleep when compared to being given a simple placebo.

In a university study, it was found that the THC of Thunderbird Rose helped to control the Epileptic seizures of patients. Due to its relaxing effects, the THC bound to the brain cells responsible for controlling excitability which in turn triggers seizures.

Thunderbird Rose assists in ceasing the negative impact effects of neurological and muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis. As such the painful symptoms of multiple sclerosis are reduced. THC in the Thunderbird Rose strain bonds with the receptors in the nerves and muscles to relieve pain. Multiple sclerosis patients enduring excruciatingly painful contractions in their muscles did not respond to conventional medications, after a few days of smoking Thunderbird Rose stated that they were feeling better overall and were in less pain.

With the relaxing effects of smoking Thunderbird Rose, for people with Parkinson’s disease, their pain and tremors were reduced with greater improvement of their fine motor skills.

Another well known beneficial effect of smoking Thunderbird Rose is its reduction in anxiety and an improvement in the smoker’s overall mood and well-being. When smoked in a low dose, it has a sedative effect. However, caution should be observed as a significantly higher dose could potentially increase anxiety and make an individual experience fits of paranoia.

For patients with cancer undergoing chemotherapy treatment, by smoking Thunderbird Rose the benefits are a reduction in pain and nausea with stimulation in appetite. Side effects of chemo are intense pain, nausea and vomiting. By smoking Thunderbird Rose there is a reduction of these effects.

Depression affects many people throughout the country. It’s widespread and individuals go about their daily routine often not even knowing that they are suffering from depression. The endocannabinoid compounds in Thunderbird Rose can help in stabilizing the fluctuating moods which can ease depression. In conclusion, talk to a marijuana practitioner to see if Thunderbird Rose is right for you.

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