Feel the lightning course through your veins as you jump around like Angus Young with a Gibson guitar. Thunderstruck is the CBD strain named after the legendary rock n’ roll band from the land down under, AC/DC. This intelligent strain crosses two high CBD phenotypes to create a shocking 12:1 CBD: THC ratio that has a wide variety of medical applications. AC/DC helps mitigate nausea, inflammation, and pain with little to no psychoactive effect. The buds of this plant have an earthy aroma with subtle but grassy undertones.
It’s important for cannabis consumers to know that the Thunderstruck strain is not one you want to smoke if you want to get high. It only averages around a 2% THC content, but it is the CBD it contains that has many people using it. The buds on Thunderstruck are a very light shade of bright green and you’ll see many orange pistils popping out of the bud that is covered in trichomes. You’ll taste a mixture of herbs and spice when you consume Thunderstruck, and a type of woody fragrance will be smelled on the exhale.
Thunderstruck sounds like a strain that will get you completely blazed, but that’s just not the case. In the best circumstances, consumers might feel a very slight change in their mood and have heightened feelings of concentration that will help them finish their daily tasks. As the high starts to wind down, there will be subtle nuances of relaxation, but other than that, you won’t feel much else.
If you’re considering trying to grow Thunderstruck, you’ll like to know that it can be grown indoors or outdoors. It usually tends to grow broader as opposed to getting very tall. It only takes around 7 or 8 weeks to reach a good yield, and the availability of the feminized seeds make the entire growing process much easier.

Medicinal Benefits From Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck really becomes prominent in its ability to treat a number of medical ailments and symptoms experienced in the body and mind. If you are dealing with depression, you’ll feel that it will be lessened while using this strain. Stress levels will lower after a tough day or week at work and feelings of calmness will overtake you. The Thunderstruck pain relief experienced by users is where users will notice the most benefits. If you deal with any nagging fatigue, the feelings will dissipate.
If you’ve never had a chance to try out a CBD strain, then Thunderstruck should be the first one that you give a go at. Even though you won’t experience a psychoactive high that will have you in full sedation mode, you’ll love the way this strain takes away your pain and aches in your body. Based on reviews, Thunderstruck has received consistently high ratings for its ability to relieve stress, and that alone is a huge bonus.

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