Tillamook Strawberry

Tillamook is known as The Land of Cheese. This strain will make your cheese. It’s a combination of Dark Horse Genetics and Alphakronik Genes. This strain smells like strawberries with a bit of diesel. It’s notable thanks to its dark green foliage. The Tillamook Strawberry strain is a super flavourful strain that’s bound to put you to sleep as soon as you smoke it. Not only will you get to bask in the wonderful flavor, but you’ll be surrounded by an aroma that can’t be described by anything but the word brilliant. It’s calming, soothing, peaceful, and will really give you a great night’s sleep. And this goes for any situation you may find yourself in. It doesn’t matter whether you’re unable to sleep because of stress or depression or OCD. The only thing that matters is that the Tillamook strawberry strain will put you to sleep regardless of whatever may be wrong. The best part about the strain is that you won’t just fall asleep because you’re tired but you’ll fall asleep because nothing is really on your mind. You’ll be stress-free all night, your stressors become completely insignificant and any OCD triggers you suffer from becoming so obsolete you forget they are even there.

If you’re stressed that depression will get in the way of sleep, worry no longer. Stress and depression are typically caused by serotonin and dopamine imbalances in the brain, and thankfully for anyone who tries this, the Tillamook strawberry cannabis strain is great at balancing those imbalances. For those that are unfamiliar with serotonin and dopamine, they are the feel-good drugs that are naturally occurring in your brain. By upping production you will actually feel a lot better.

One of the most significant aspects of the Tillamook strawberry strain is that it boosts your creativity and boosts your imagination to a point you never thought was possible. The thing about the human imagination is that it has its limits. Marijuana is generally great at pushing these limits and thankfully for anyone that tries the Tillamook strawberry strain, these limits are pushed even further. Tillamook Strawberry strain specializes in extending those limits beyond what many believe is possible.

Because of the creativity and imagination benefits, a lot of people that use this strain tend to be artists and writers. Writers who suffer from writer’s block often find that they’re able to push through after smoking some of the strain because it lets him think outside of the box. If you’ve ever seen a Seth Rogen movie you know just how much marijuana can make your thoughts go crazy. This is why this is ideal for artists who love to portray their style and message in a very provocative way. For more information we recommend you visit your local weed dispensary. You may also be able to obtain some information from your family doctor or general practitioner.

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