Turbo Mind Warp

Let’s do the mind warp again. Turbo Mind Warp combines Mendo Mind Warp and Turbo Diesel to give you a mould-resistant, easy-to-trim plant. You will love its reddish or purple hue, and the effects themselves? Mind-warping.

Get ready for a strain that’ll mellow you out, yet energize your creative abilities. Imagine looking at life through a lens never before accessible, then experience the lens by using Turbo Mind Warp. This particular strain is a favourite among beginner users since it’s easy to grow on your own, and isn’t too strong nor too weak. Expect to be uplifted and made happier, as the high THC content within this strain is enough to induce a powerful yet relaxing cerebral euphoria. Many find that they feel like laughing over the most unfunny of things. Uncontrollable giggles, tingling sensations and a subtle body high will make for an incredibly addictive experience.

The strain smells exactly like you’d want it to. With the typical Earthy undertones that most strains maintain, the strain produces a spicy diesel aroma that’s sure to be loved by beginners and veterans alike. As for taste, it’s tastes of spice and diesel, yet grounds down on Earthy tastes that remind most of the soil and forests. Many people love to grow this particular strain because it just looks fantastic in any garden. The plant’s red and green colours stand out in any garden, and the sight alone is enough to make your mouth water. This particular plant is a hybrid and maintains a high THC content at approximately 28%.

Many users use this strain to combat some sort of issue. A prominent example being body and head pain. Inflammation, injuries, and other sorts of body pain are all no match for the strain. By reducing inflammation and calming the muscles in your extremities, many find that their pain is reduced to the point of it almost being gone. Many even report the pain not coming back for quite a while even after the high is gone.

Although the strain is good for body pain, many use it to stand up to mental hardships. Many people nowadays struggle with depression, stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Thankfully for those people, the strain is excellent at reducing mental worries and increasing euphoric and positive feelings. Users struggling from stress and anxiety report that they benefited tremendously when using it. Users struggling from depression reported that the strain helped them become more social, which started a chain reaction of sorts. A chain of positive things that helped them out of the slump. Events that led them to build relationships and hobbies that ultimately helped them fight depression on their own. Last but not least is fatigue. Many people suffer from fatigue, but those people will worry no more, for it is the solution! By energizing the mind and producing a calming euphoric buzz, the strain gives you back the energy that fatigue stole. Get back to your regular self, and try Turbo Mind Warp today!

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