U2 Kush

U2 Kush is a long way from Dublin, where the streets have no name. This 80% indica, also known as Ewe-2 Kush, is a genetic descendant of Master Kush and Bubba Kush. Plants are stocky and easy to grow with resinous, dense buds. Outdoor gardens finish in early fall while flowering within nine weeks indoors. U2 Kush moves in mysterious ways, beginning with a cerebral buzz and followed by physically sedating effects. This strain is a creeper with a faint skunky flavour and notes of sweet lavender to treat insomnia.

U2 Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid with around 80% indica genetics. It has strong indica effects that induce a steady, relaxed mood that will eventually lead you to a refreshing sleep. Created by crossing two industry favourites, Bubba Kush and Master Kush, creating an ideal smoker’s favourite. It is a sweet and sour bud suitable for medical and recreational use. This strain bursts with flavour, making for a pleasant smoke. On the inhale tastes like lavender with sweet notes and a punch of citrus. On the exhale, it tastes more like sweet pine with an earthy woody undertone.

It not only has a rich blend of flavours, but it has also layered aromas as well. You will smell earthy floral notes and some pine. It has whiffs of sweet lavender that will be sure to relax your mind and body. If you’re looking for a warm and fuzzy high, this is the strain for you. This strain is perfect for unwinding at the end of a long week or day. It has mood uplifting properties; you will feel the effects almost instantly. The strain smoke can make you feel more positive and happy for an extended period of time. This strain will allow you to go through your day without feeling weighed down. Prepare for a strain high by stocking up on snacks; it is known for bringing on the munchies.

Some users experience adverse reactions because the strain’s THC levels can reach up to 23%. Some people find it gives them dry mouth, so make sure you keep water handy and stay hydrated. Some side effects may include feeling dizzy when smoking this stream; you will need to stick to a dosage you are comfortable with. It can also lead to dry eyes and in some cases, a mild headache. The strain is also said to induce moderate anxiety at times, although this commonly usually happens when users with low tolerance use a high dosage. This strain has a range of medical uses that help many long-suffering patients find relief. It is recommended for treating severe depression, patients find that they can think more clearly and less frantically go on with their day. People with chronic insomnia find it helpful as it can induce feelings of sleepiness. It can be used to treat chronic stress as well, it becomes more effective with each use. People with headaches, muscle spasms, back pain and migraines can use the strain for pain management. This weed strain is also effective in reversing nausea and stimulating appetite.

They can be grown indoors and outdoors. It is suited for less experienced growers. It is highly resistant to most common mildews and moulds. It produces a significant yield when cultivated in a dry and sunny Mediterranean climate.

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