Ultimate Trainwreck

The more potent and harder-hitting version of Trainwreck is rightly named Ultimate Trainwreck. This strain is a cousin of the Trainwreck strain and acts as a sativa with a lot more potency. Ultimate Trainwreck is more spacey and psychedelic than the original strain, but it still provides a clear and focused buzz. The buds of this plant offer an earthy and skunk aroma combines with elements of sweet citrus.

Ultimate Trainwreck,
An Unforgettable Trippy Strain

Ultimate Trainwreck is aptly named for the cerebral high it gives that can leave users feeling its effects long after the smoke. In terms of potency, its THC concentration is around 18% to 28%. Ultimate Trainwreck Strain impresses right off the bat, it is beautiful to look at with medium-sized colourful flowers. The buds have long wispy leaves that twist outward at their margins. The nugs are a pale shade of green that will remind you of sage and are interwoven with orange and, sometimes, bright pink pistils. Ultimate Trainwreck has a dense blanket of translucent white trichomes covering all visible surfaces of its chunky flowers. On the nose, the first whiff of Ultimate Trainwreck buds has a sweet scent with faint herbal notes. It also has some musky undertones as well. When pulled apart or ground up, these flowers release pungent fumes of diesel. When blazed in a pipe or a joint, this weed burns with thick smoke that isn’t easy on the palate. As they exhale (or more likely cough), you may detect lingering sour and earthy flavours.

An Ultimate Trainwreck doesn’t waste any time before coming into effect. Soon after a few puffs, you may experience strange facial tics like a twitching around your temples and lower forehead. These body reactions are followed up by mental ones. You may find your thoughts moving at record speed. Ideas will seem like they take on a brand new intensity. Occasional users find that on this high they will point out inexplicable connections between a range of seemingly unrelated things. The focused, cerebral mindset that this plant provides can be a great way to harness your productivity. You can be more productive no matter the task at hand, whether you’re working on analytical tasks or mundane chores like doing the dishes. Ultimate Trainwreck may have you thinking in more nontraditional creative ways, artists enjoy this strain for brainstorming sessions. You can also just enjoy the background buzz that Ultimate Trainwreck provides while going about your daily tasks. After about an hour Ultimate Trainwreck exerts subtle physical effects that can change your mood. Your eyelids may droop with a tingly, weighty feeling creeping through your arms and legs. If you were active at the onset of this high you may find that you will begin to slow down. This phase of the Ultimate Trainwreck high is best spent engaging in passive activities like listening to music or playing board games with friends. Ultimate Trainwreck is also useful for medical cannabis patients. It can help people with attention deficit disorders to focus on one task at a time. It can also temporarily relieve moderate stress and depression by uplifting your mood. Ultimate Trainwreck can act as an analgesic for bodily aches and pains as well as inflammation-related symptoms like migraines. However, this strain may lead to paranoia in patients who have existing anxiety and panic disorders. Ultimate Trainwreck seeds are available online for home growers. It can thrive indoors or out. It needs a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate. The strain’s medium-height plants need regular pruning, especially if you are growing in a small space indoors. Ultimate Trainwreck flowers within 9 to 10 weeks and offers a high yield of buds.

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