White Cherry Truffle

This truffle is the cherry on top. White Cherry Truffle combines Cherry Lime #4 and Chemdog Special Reserve. To make the strain even more exciting, the resulting combination is interwoven with Highland Afghani, allowing for an excellent blend of aromas. Hints of sweet white chocolate dusted in the presence of a black cherry aroma. The strain is potent and purifying and provides an intense experience that one could only deem full body. Feelings of euphoria to stun the masses, energy levels beyond compare, White Cherry Truffle Strain is the road to a utopia of your own creation.

Not only is this strain incredibly flavourful, but it is also an incredible solution for a variety of unfortunate and not so pleasant problems. Depression and other mental hardships are absolutely no match for White Cherry Truffle. Not to mention, insomnia and any other sleep-related disorders fear the strain, for they become obsolete. The strain’s healing power does not restrict itself to the mental but offers aid to the physical as well. For those suffering from body pain, headaches, toothaches, and even migraines, White Cherry Truffle is the ally you need.

Upon viewing the strain, many notice the beautiful purple hues commonly present on the bud of this strain. Orange hair bright beyond belief, with white trichomes, crystal in nature, that make the bud just absolutely breathtaking to witness.

White Cherry Truffle is known for its high THC content. On average, you can expect a level anywhere from 15 percent to 25 percent. The high THC content is responsible for what could be called sedation like body stone following a relaxing yet energizing euphoric feeling in your head. Do not be surprised when you feel the urge to sleep. The strain is known for its ability to relax you to the point of pleasant and dreamless sleep. As already mentioned, even if you suffer from Insomnia, the euphoric sleep like trance you’ll fall into before actually falling asleep is still very real. Insomnia is a problem that does not exist when White Cherry Truffle enters the picture.

A factor that many look for when choosing a strain is stress relief. Fortunately, White Cherry Truffle is excellent for combating the unfortunate hardships of the mind, and thankfully, stressors are on the list of White Cherry Truffle’s combatants. A stressful workload, a crazy class schedule, and any other stressors you may suffer from are no match for White Cherry Truffle. Simply no match at all. This strain offers stress relief that can only be matched by the most potent and powerful strains. If you’re looking for a fighter in the battle for peace of mind, look no further, for you have found your contender.

Interested in how White Cherry Truffle is cultivated? The strain is cultivated indoors as well as outdoors. Indoors the strain needs approximately sixty days of flowering time. It’s important to note that the indica plant will never be available as feminized seeds, for those more interested in the cultivation of this strain.

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