White Dream

White Dream CBD strain is an amazing strain because of its intense cerebral effects. Users of the White Dream CBD have been known to experience some crazy things. Ever seen movies where people think colors are speaking to them, or animals can talk? This is the type of strain that causes that. People report intense focus and concentration, as well as intense energy that persists for hours. People also claim they began to be very creative while high on this strain. White Dream is a fan favorite among veteran and beginner cannabis users alike, and many believe it’s due to the euphoric trance the strain puts you through.

The White Dream CBD strain is well known for its subtle but fantastic flavor. Many claim the strain tastes of lemon and lime, whereas others say it tastes more of oranges and tangerines. Some even say it tastes like both, but with a lot of Earth and herbal hints thrown in. As for the smell, most people say it smells sweet and a lot like sage. Do keep in mind however that for some, the thickness of the smoke can be a little too much. Fortunately, the smoke thickness tends to rely on how good you are at grinding up weed and rolling joints. If you’ve got some skill here you should be fine.

Like most marijuana strains, White Dream actually has some pretty great mental health benefits. People suffering from insomnia have reportedly been able to sleep after lighting up before bed. The strain has also been known to benefit people who suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, and even OCD. Many also say the strain helps improve your mood, which isn’t necessarily a mental health benefit, but it’s still worth noting!

Fortunately, the strain helps relieve you of physical ailments as well because of its high CBD content! People suffering from headaches have actually shown great improvement when regularly consuming the White Dream strain. Doctors believe it’s due to the White Dream’s ability to reduce severe inflammation (which is again a product of CBD). White Dream has also been beneficial to those suffering from other aches, but none come close to those of headache sufferers.

Unfortunately, there are a few side effects of White Dream CBD that are worth noting. First and foremost, dry mouth and dry eyes. Both are perhaps the most common side effects of marijuana in general. Usually, both symptoms are a result of smoke inhalation and dehydration. To solve these issues, all you need to do is drink some water every now and again. If your eyes don’t get better, try rinsing them under lukewarm water. Some users have reported a sense of paranoia and dizziness when high on White Dream. Fortunately, most of these people were beginner users, so veterans should have nothing to worry about.

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