All-aboard this classic stoner strain. A-Train is a cross between Arcata Trainwreck and Mazar-i-Sharif Afghan. It’s a perfect balance of Sativa and Indica with a ratio of 50:50. With higher than average CBD levels, A-Train can be used to treat chronic pain and inflammation. A-Train Strain is perhaps known best for its classic feeling. Can’t go wrong with that old school, classic high. A stoned feeling that’ll leave your extremities feeling warm and relaxed, while your mind is at ease yet euphoric beyond belief. Be wary, for this strain will give you the munchies, as well as the urge to smile at all times. Basically, be ready to have a great time.

A-Train provides a feel-good type of high. Although this strain will have you parked on your couch, chilling and vibing, you will still be able to head to the fridge and pantry to find those much-desired snacks. When you’re done snacking, you may notice your libido rising through the roof. Because of this feel-good high, many people suffering from some sort of hardship tend to lean on A-Train. Because the munchies are so prominent with this strain, many people with issues that prevent them from eating like anorexia, anxiety, or depression enjoy A-Train. The strain is also remarkable in regards to countering nausea, as well as other motion sickness related problems.

Perhaps you’re fighting insomnia? Not to worry, A-Train will, of course, provide a helping hand. Not to mention, forget any and all pains. Say goodbye to that familiar ache in your back, or those pesky migraines. Say hello to that warm body high, the reassuring warmth of an ache-free mind, and a sleepy buzz that is sure to conquer any insomniac’s worst night.

Interested in more of the technical aspects of A-Train? Well, A-Train is half Indica, as well as half Sativa. The strain began its adventure in Holland and was cultivated and bred outdoors, despite the original intentions to cultivate the strain indoors by its creators.

Looking to cultivate A-Train? Well, first, you’ll have to decide whether or not to grow the plants in soil, or use hydroponics. Don’t know the difference? Hydroponics tend to have higher yields, but don’t taste nearly as good as those grown in soil according to plenty of users. It’s important to note that the plants grown using hydroponics typically yield about 350 grams for every square meter, are about 150 centimetres tall, and require approximately 55 flowering days.

A-Train isn’t as popular in the taste and flavour categories as other popular strains, but that doesn’t mean the taste and smell aren’t good. Many users of A-Train claim that the strain tastes very citrus-like, yet also spicy. Many say that hints of menthol and even pine are present. As for its smell, many claim that they tend to smell blueberries, along with Earth-like aromas of course. Overall, A-Train tastes and smells fantastic, has very few side effects, and is excellent for those struggling to gain weight due to disorders or struggles of any kind.

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