Afghan Diesel

If you’re not a regular user of marijuana, then chances are you’re not familiar with Afghan Diesel marijuana. It can best be described as an aromatic hybrid strain characterized by its citrus grapefruit scent. Its taste has been described as sweet and light, with a subtle zesty earthiness quality followed with a diesel gasoline aftertaste. When it’s smoked, the effect on the body is not one of being in a relaxed “zoned out” or “stoned out” state, but with this strain of cannabis, the individual will feel the sensation cerebrally. One will experience euphoria, a laser-focused energetic intensity, accompanied by being uplifted and loquacious. This strain of a marijuana plant can be easily identified by its well known purple-coloured buds and dark, verdant leaves.

This hybrid has an Afghani mother and a Diesel father. Before breaking the bud, the strain will emit an aroma that’s reminiscent of citrus fruits similar to grapefruit. Once the bud has been broken, the buds then produce a tangy and fruity grapefruit-like scent. This indoor strain of medical marijuana is Sativa dominant although some sites will claim that its potency is 50% Sativa and 50% Indica.

This strain of marijuana is classified as being an Indica-Sativa hybrid type with it being Sativa dominant. Its flowering period is between 44 to 55 days, generally 6 to 7 weeks. This tall plant grows well in a Mediterranean climate but is best suited for an indoor climate-controlled environment. Its yield is moderate to high. And while other marijuana websites claim that its potency level is at 50%, generally it is considered to be at around 14%. For a grower of moderate experience, it is considered to be not an especially difficult plant to grow. Again, keep in mind that it will grow best in a controlled environment. It is highly recommended that you use an indoor grow tent to properly grow your well-potted plant. Depending upon the amount of space that you have available to work in, an indoor grow tent can be as small as a walk-in closet or big as a basement. It all depends on what space you have available. You’ll find that the plant is a wonderful indoor strain and is relatively quite easy to care for and maintain. Be cautious of topping and pruning, as this will help your plant stay strong and be in good health. Because of its powerful diesel effluvia, a smell-proof system might be a wise and practical investment.

Due to the fact that this cannabis produces mostly a euphoric and relaxed type of high, it is the most appropriate type of weed to smoke for individuals suffering from depression, stress, anxiety, and muscle tension. While this strain will relax you, it will also stimulate your appetite and can also be used to treat chronic pain, insomnia, arthritis, nausea and inflammation.

Other effects users will experience are dizziness, paranoia, dry eyes, dry mouth and anxiety. However, the predominant effect is typically dry mouth. Last on the list, a user will experience anxiety due to experiencing such an intense cerebral high.

Robust in citrus and sharp in pungency, it is believed to be derived from the Afghan strain. Nevertheless, the origins of its breeders remain unknown and its exact makeup is still mysteriously undetermined.

And while the precise ratio of Indica to Sativa is speculative at best, many are of the general opinion that its potency is approximately close to 50/50 with a slight inclination towards Sativa. It is covered with verdant dark green leaves and purple buds, giving it a rose-like appearance. Its THC levels have been assessed between roughly 14% to 23%.

Sativa-dominant strains like this are considered to be inherently cerebral by nature. The stoner buzz experienced is intense and quite euphoric from start to finish. The initial start may appear to be so gentle and mild, you may question if you’re even actually getting high at all. But in time, the individual will start to experience something once the effects start to kick in. The high sensation will gradually move from the back of your head on through to the extremities of your limbs. You’ll then experience a warming sensation in your body’s core as you feel absolutely at ease. If you’re of the artistic type, it is highly recommended to smoke this strain to get your creative juices feeling alive and invigorated. Use this whenever you feel that creative spark. It has been described as not being a “harsh buzz”. Users describe the high as effecting one’s mind cognizance awareness but not affecting the body. You’ll feel relaxed but not lazy or with a “heavy” sensation. You will become at ease, peaceful and creative. You will have enough energy to perform your regular daily assortment of physical activities.

Those suffering from depression and other types of mood disorders such as bipolar, stress or anxiety will enjoy the upbeat high from this kind of marijuana. Your spirits will soar due to its incredibly stimulating effects as your aches and pains are alleviated. And for those who suffer from an eating disorder, a side effect known as “the munchies” will find an increase in appetite. This is good for treating people with anorexia as it stimulates the appetite while suppressing nausea.

Do not hesitate in taking this marijuana if you are experiencing negative symptoms of fibromyalgia, PMS, or chronic pain.

You’ll find that marijuana is a highly effective alternative to traditional medications for anxiety-related diseases. Besides stress and depression, the strain can successfully treat severe intense pain and quickly bring significant relief.

If you do suffer from physical pain ailments and mood disorders, be extremely mindful of the stated side effects. Start with a small, standard dose and definitely in the company of close trusted friends who can monitor how this strain will affect you overall. Consume it carefully to evade paranoia and achieve the best possible results for your health. You’ll find that when you smoke it in the appropriate dose and as required for your own personal use whether it be recreationally or for medical reasons, it’s a joy to smoke.

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