Afghan Haze

This haze hybrid has grown from head shop stash to a medical community fave. Afghan Haze is a variable strain, dependant on its growing conditions. Super potent with high THC levels, Aghan Haze is the best of both of its ancestors, indica Afghan and setiva Haze. Used to treat a variety of issues including chronic pain, PTSD, stress, loss of appetite and depression. Daytime doses provide clear-headed relief while heavier doses administered at night provides the body with restful, smooth sleep. Worth the wait, as this plant takes up to 10 weeks before flowering.

This particular strain has been deemed a favourite among veterans and beginner users alike, simply because of how variable and flexible the strain can be. People suffering from anxiety and stress use the strain to cope, as the subtle body and cerebral high are excellent at calming the nerves and soothing the mind. Similarly, in higher doses, Afghan Haze Strain allows PTSD victims to disconnect from the harsh realities of their past, and embrace the present. Sufferers of insomnia are also often grateful for the benefits of Afghan Haze.

Many suggest that taking heavier doses before going to bed calms the mind and reduces the core factors that often cause insomnia. Stress, nerves, depression, and so many others are simply no match for the might of Afghan Haze. Another prominent group of users are those affected by eating disorders like anorexia, or perhaps even people who cannot eat due to stress. Fortunately, Afghan Haze is known to provide severe cravings for munchies! As such, many people report that the strain gave them the ability to put on the weight they needed to gain. Keep in mind that depending on how much you consume, whether it be edible or smoke, the effects vary.

Afghan Haze is not just for people within the medical realm. In reality, it’s used by so many more. People who are just distracted easily in general love the strain, as the concentration and focus benefits are superb when used in small doses during the day. The strain is also well known for its ability to increase libido, hence the reason why young people who love to party are well known for use of Afghan Haze.

Afghan Haze does have a few drawbacks. Side effects and flavour. The strain maintains an Earthy diesel taste, although many reports tasting unsavoury chemicals that unfortunately leave a sour after taste. As for side effects, many report short spurts of anxiety, dry eyes and mouth, and dizziness. Do keep in mind that these side effects will not last long, and can be countered by drinking plenty of fluids and sitting down to breath every once in a while.

Keep in mind that if you’re struggling with dry eyes and dry mouth it’s often because you’re becoming dehydrated. It’s a common struggle for cannabis users, as cerebral highs often distract users and make them forget about drinking enough water! If you’ve drunk plenty of water and you’re still struggling, visit any local drug store and purchase some cheap, off the shelf eye drops and you’ll be in perfect condition in no time at all!

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