Afghan plus Pakistan equals Afpak in this hard-to-find hybrid. It’s indica dominant with high THC levels and relatively low CBD levels. It’s soothing and relaxed in terms of taste, inhale, and effects. Lemony and floral, Afpak provides potent relaxation from the head to the feet. Often used to treat stress, jagged nerves, and muscle spasms, it also stimulates the appetite.

Interestingly enough the afpak strain actually tastes a lot like butter. Regular users are sure to notice that the butter itself has some pine undertones that turn to be very strong throughout the aftertaste phase. Not only that but the combination itself reminds some people of the classic marijuana smells. These may include skunk, earth, and other related aromas. Speaking of smells the afpak strain tends to smell a lot like butter as well. Oddly enough some people even say that the strain smells a lot like buttered popcorn.

This particular marijuana strain tends to be very good at putting people to sleep. Not only that but some people even report having strange dreams while high on the afpak strain. If you suffer from insomnia or another related sleep disorder this strain may work particularly well for you. Not just as a temporary solution but as a permanent one as well as you are technically training your body and mind to go to sleep at a certain time each night. If you’re ready to have one of the best nights’ sleep that you’ve ever had, start smoking the afpak strain today.

Similarly to other strains that share the same genetics this strain is also great at increasing your libido. This means you are bound to have a wonderful night with your partner should you both smoke it beforehand. Not only will the entire experience be more enjoyable but you’ll actually find yourself trying new things and experiencing new fun sensations. This is typical because the strain reduces stress to the point of it being not significant at all.

Speaking of stress relief this particular strain is great for reducing anxiety and overall stress. Each and every one of your stressors will become as insignificant as they really are. This strain lets you view your circumstances through a lens of absolute clarity. Not only that but you will actually feel less stressed and more euphoric the entire time. Do keep in mind that this is a particularly strong marijuana strain. Due to this we definitely do not recommend it be used by beginners because they may suffer from paranoia and other related side effects.

For more information on how this particular marijuana stream can help you with the various medical ailments we recommend you speak to your family doctor or a general practitioner. For more information about the strain’s recreational benefits we recommend you visit your local weed dispensary for more information.

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