A superhero F1 strain and descendant of the original Skunk, Afghanica is typical of many Afghani varieties in terms of effect, form and taste. Easy to grow and consume, Afghanica grows into a tall plant shaped like a Christmas tree. Fittingly, its strong taste combines pine with citrus and berry flavours. Used often to treat nausea and nervousness.

Afghanica Strain is a popular strain among cannabis users who are looking to treat common hardships like insomnia and stress. Get a great night’s sleep once again with the help of Afghanica. By inducing a calm cerebral and physical high, the mind is relaxed and at ease. Many users suggest taking heavier doses before bed in order to ease the mind and make you temporarily forget about your stressors. After all, stressors and anxiety are one of the leading causes of insomnia. By reducing them the user is able to sleep deeply and calmly. As previously mentioned, users of Afghanica tend to benefit from nausea reduction. Nausea is an awful symptom of anxiety and nerves, and can often lead to even more anxiety. A nasty circle if you will. By calming and mellowing out the body, nausea has been known to subside, therefore allowing you to calm down and gain control of your anxiety without needing to counter nasty physical symptoms. Last but not least, body pain is often found to be reduced when using Afghanica. Often body pain is a result of inflammation, and when that inflammation is reduced, so is your pain!

Afghanica is popular due to its taste. With flavours reminding people of cozy homes and peaceful days, it’s no surprise Afghanica is so good at calming people down. Many people report that the strain tastes a lot like tea and wood, yet sweet all around. This is of course combined with the typical Earthy flavour that’s so well known by cannabis users. As for aroma, many find the smell to be of Earth and tea, which reportedly calms down a lot of people. As green tea has always been the go-to for older stressed-out folks, it almost seems poetic to think of Afghanica being the go-to for stressed-out youth.

It’s important to note that Afghanica tends to be on the heavy side in regards to unfortunate side effects. Anxiety being number one. Now I know what you’re thinking. People use this strain to avoid anxiety! Yes, you’re correct, and thankfully this strain only creates anxiety in a select few. The anxiety usually doesn’t last long and is typically only felt by beginners. Another side effect to keep in mind is dizziness. Many find that they get couch-locked for a few moments at a time because the dizziness gets so severe. Fortunately, once again this side effect isn’t very common and only happens in short bursts. Not surprisingly, dry mouth and eyes are a side effect of this strain, but in reality, what strain doesn’t have those two famous fellas as side effects? Drink lots of water, stay hydrated, and the side effects are sure to subside.

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