Azure Haze

Like a blue sky on a clear day, Azure Haze is euphoric and uplifting. Bred by the inimitable DJ Short, his famous Blueberry genetics are crossed with Bay Area award-winning clone Super Silver Haze to create this easy-to-grow plant with a dazzling yield. This distinct hybrid with its high levels of THC boasts a fruity terpene palette with undertones of berries and melon.

Azure Haze Strain will have you seeing the world in a new light. A light that allows you to focus on what needs to be seen. When using, you’ll get tasks done. You’ll accomplish your goals, and you’ll surpass anything that stands in your way. Imagine learning a new language, reading a new book, or binge-watching an entire television show in one night. That’s what Azure Haze will have you doing. Your focus and concentration levels will be off the chart. Say goodbye to distraction, and say hello to productivity. You won’t believe the ease and efficiency at which you conquer obstacles and gain achievements. Look at the world, your hobbies, and your loved ones through a lens previously inaccessible. Welcome to the new world. Welcome to the new you.

Azure Haze is a favourite among beginners simply because it tastes so good. Imagine walking through a carnival with a giant lollipop in one hand and a basket of blueberries in the other. Now imagine someone feeding you each blueberry one by one. That’s what Azure Haze tastes like. It tastes of magnificence and pleasure. As for the aroma, expect everyone around you to be begging for a try. With strong scents wafting out of the smoke, all you’ll be able to smell is the powerful aroma of blueberries, blackberries, and sugar. People who have a massive sugar tooth find this strain addicting. Some even say that no other strain is sweeter.

Although not as effective as other strains, Azure Haze is surprisingly good at reducing the effects of various mental and physical hardships. People who suffer from toothaches, headaches, and other assorted aches all have reported being benefitted. Some even report that the pain doesn’t come back for a few hours after the high subsides. Are you struggling with Insomnia? Not to worry! When taken in generous doses at night, you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time at all. How about anorexia or other eating disorders? Don’t worry at all, because the munchies will have you gaining that much-needed weight so quickly no one will ever know you had an eating disorder. This doesn’t match your hardship? Well, how about stress. depression, anxiety, and OCD? Each of these mental illnesses has been reported as being reduced in magnitude when the user tried Azure Haze. Other strains may be more effective at reducing the effects of said mental illness, but Azure Haze tries its best, and tastes great at the same time!

This particular strain does have a few side effects you may have to worry about. Anxiety, dizziness, dry eyes and dry mouth are all possible. Fortunately, anxiety and dizziness are not very common, and dry eyes and mouth can be reduced by simply drinking lots of water and washing your eyes out every now and again. Well worth it for such a great taste!

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