Ready to feel bewitched, bewildered and bothered – in a good way? This wicked cross by Ocean Groth Seeds is a brew of OGS Wizard’s Potion and the infamous Witches Weed. With grape, citrus and forest flavours this bud will give you a light, happy buzz perfect for quelling spells of nausea, anxiety and stress.

B-Witched is a sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain that is quite rare to find. If you manage to get your hands on this weed strain, you are in luck, be sure to enjoy the smoke on behalf of the thousands of people who will never get to try it. Perhaps it is uncommon because the strains that it is made from are both from Ocean Grown Seeds. Like the name B-Witched suggests, this particular bud will have you feeling like you are under a powerful spell.

The bewitching effect can hit you after only taking one puff of this potent plant. In terms of scents, B-Witched strain gives off an aroma that can best be described as a full bouquet of fresh fruits and woods. The aroma is a glorious blend of sweet berries and grapes beautifully combined with fresh citrus and pine. The flavour that B-Witched is packed with is equally intoxicating. You will taste fresh grapefruit, muddled in with perfect hints of fresh berries and grapes. All of this flavour is nestled in an earthy undertone. Almost immediately after you take the first smooth drag of this intoxicating strain, you will begin to feel a tingly build of euphoria. The sensation will explode from your chest and leaves your mind floating on the highest cloud imaginable.

B-Witched gives you a thrilling light-as-air feeling that kicks in immediately to stop any negative or racing thoughts in their tracks. It is definitely a good vibes strain that will have you feeling more positive about life, in a blissful and relaxing mental state. As the high progress, you may begin to feel peckish, so be sure to stock up on snacks before smoking this spellbinding weed strain. The hunger pangs come as your mood climbs higher and higher, the munchies will have you reaching for everything in your kitchen.B-Witched has an average THC level of between 14-18%. It is an ideal bud for when you want to cast away the effects of mood swings, chronic stress, pain as well as muscle spasms. It is recommended as a medical marijuana strain that has impressive healing properties for a number of maladies.

The B-Witched plant has round mint green nugs and enchanting deep amber hairs. B-Witched is a marijuana hybrid strain with a well-balanced sativa and indica combination. The plant’s genetic lineage gives it extremely frosted and sticky properties that you can immediately feel as you touch it. Home weed growers will be interested to know that the plant usually takes 63-70 days to flower. While you wait for the flowering processes, you will need to take care of the veg and top the plants. As mentioned earlier, this is an extremely rare strain, the seeds do not seem to be available for online purchase. If you can get clippings of the B-Witched plant from someone, you can grow it in your garden from a clone.

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