Blissful Wizard

This enchanting hybrid by The Captain’s Connection is a magical blend of Girl Scout Cookies and Captain’s Cookies. The result is a rapturous flavor combo of creamy lemon lemon-lime. An elixir bound to help aches and pains disappear, Blissful Wizard also casts its spell on those that are suffering from nausea or loss of appetite. With sky-high THC levels, it’s no surprise that this strain took the top prize as a non-solvent hash at the 2015 SoCal Cannabis Cup.
Blissful Wizard is a very balanced strain of cannabis that consumers love to use for many purposes. The nugs on this strain are appealing to the eyes, and are around a medium size with a pear-like formation. You’ll notice a lot of little orange hairs popping out of the bud, along with a nice covering of trichomes. The sweet fragrance of key-lime pie, apples, and granny smith apples will have people drooling after giving the Blissful Wizard strain a try. Consumers might also notice a taste of dirt in this strain. If you’re the type of cannabis consumer that wants to be discrete about your usage, it’s best to stay away from this strain because the aroma it gives off when it is smoked is potent.

Effects Of Blissful Wizard Cannabis

No Blissful Wizard strain review is complete without going over the many different effects that it can create for users. Blissful Wizard can really make you feel uplifted, and that’s no surprise seeing as how it has the blissful name right in the strain title. It’s good to note that users won’t feel that their concentration is off like some strains can do while making them happy. Because this strain is a hybrid one, it can result in a variety of different effects for each user. One user might feel something, while another will experience a different outcome. The majority of users will feel an initial boost in emotional energy soon after exhaling. Blissful Wizard is a great pick-me-up strain to consume when you are having a rough day and need to feel uplifted.
Blissful Wizard is useful to consume before going into social situations. It just puts you into a good mood that will have you wanting to communicate with other people. You will feel more talkative shortly after consuming it, and a little burst of energy will overtake you as well. Sometimes even the smallest jokes will have you bursting out laughing. These bursts of laughter are an excellent example of how this strain can uplift the mood. If you deal with depression, Blissful Wizard is a recommended strain to consume because it will take those negative feelings away.
Blissful Wizard also gives a pleasant body buzz that brings users a sense of relaxation throughout their bodies. For those dealing with annoying aches and pains, consuming this strain will help take care of those feelings and bring a calmness to you. Users also enjoy this strain’s ability to relieve muscle spasms. If you deal with stress, consuming Blissful Wizard can help bring you to an ideal level of relaxation that will have you forgetting about your rough day.

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