Blizzard Bush

High winds and low-visibility are non-issues for this gummy hybrid by Greenpoint Seeds. A cross between Stardawg and Pura Vida, Blizzard Bush has shimmering foliage with extra large yields. This strain boasts a rare combination of burnt marshmallow and smokey meat. Expect talkative bursts, energetic creativity, and an overall uplifting vibe. The Blizzard Bush strain contains a shimmering covering of resin that somewhat resembles sparkly diamonds. It is considered to be a proportional hybrid that will give you a jump in your step throughout the day. THC levels in Blizzard Bush are of a moderate amount. It is a fairly rare strain of cannabis and has a variety of different effects on the user. Blizzard Bush gets its name from its snowy looking appearance.

Common Uses Of Blizzard Bush

Because of the more energetic high produced from this cannabis, it is suggestively used to combat depression and lethargy. Users have also used it for pain management and migraines. It can be used safely during the day without having to worry about being stuck on the couch for hours, slogging through feelings of laziness. Blizzard Bush can be comfortably used by someone that has never smoked weed before. After smoking Blizzard Bush, users will feel a sense of euphoria that is marked with a creative streak that helps the day go by much smoother than it was prior to using it. Users will get a large dose of the munchies and after the high starts to wear off, they will feel like just sitting back and relaxing. Blizzard Bush typically lasts for a couple of hours which makes it ideal for patients that have mental illness and require something that has a longer duration. Users that wake-and-bake will love the depression alleviating effects it provides as a quick start to the day. It’s noted to reduce mood swings and provide a decent amount of energy.

Growing Blizzard Bush

Blizzard Bush can be grown indoors or outdoors, which makes it appealing for people in any type of climate. It takes around 8 to 10 weeks to harvest and you will instantly notice the frosty, shiny, snowy looking buds. The height of this plant is said to get quite tall, so it’s important to keep that in mind in the setting that you’re growing it in. This strain of weed can sometimes smell odd at first to the user. After getting past the initial smell and just smoking it, you will completely forget about all of your worries. If you are able to find seeds to grow this plant, it’s worth a try for the satisfying high.

Blizzard Bush Side Effects

As with most strains of cannabis, Blizzard Bush is not immune to causing the dry mouth and dry eyes. Though it can cause these symptoms, you will barely even be thinking about that because of your mood being increased. If you are experiencing a bout of depression or are having trouble maintaining motivation throughout the day, then Blizzard Bush could be a useful consideration in gaining that extra edge that you might just benefit from. A dry mouth and dry eyes are a small price to pay for feeling better and more energized. With other strains of cannabis that don`t last very long, the duration of the high that you will enjoy out of this strain will keep you going for hours without having to top up again.

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