Blob OG

This heavy-hitting strain will leave users feeling like a blob – especially beginners. With rumors of its Western Washington origins never fully confirmed, Blob OG encompasses the mentally stimulating effects of Diesel mixed with the indica-leaning physiology of Pre-99 Chemdawg. The result is a heavy-weight physical high with a razor-sharp brain buzz. This is an uber-potent strain with THC levels that can be as high as 30% so be mindful of the dose.

If you’ve ever seen a Seth Rogen movie, you know how much fun super-strong strains can be. Blob OG is exactly that type of strain. Blob OG is going to boost your creativity levels so far you won’t even understand what you’re seeing. You’re going to see colors you’ve never seen before. Everything will sound beautiful, and nothing will be able to break you from this trance of sorts until the high has worn off.

Blob OG tastes like your typical cannabis strain. It tastes like dirt and Earth, like pine and bark. But at the same time, you’re going to taste strong amounts of citrus. The smell is actually quite similar. Sure, you’ll smell the Earth and dirt like aromas, but what really stands out to most people is the citrus. You know that aroma you can smell when peeling an orange? That’s what you’re going to smell. It smells just as refreshing as it does when you’re peeling a fresh and juicy orange.

If you suffer from severe stress or anxiety, Blob OG may be the perfect solution. Regardless of how stressed you are, this is the strain you need. All you have to do is match up your dosage with the severity of the stress and you’re good to go. Frankly, a lot of people use this strain because of its immense strength. Nobody wants to use a strain only to get used to it a few weeks later. A lot of people have also mentioned that they feel less depressed when smoking this. This is typically due to the intense calm and creativity you feel when smoking it. Typically your brain limits the amount of creativity you feel, and when you’re depressed it limits it even more. Fortunately for all of you out there suffering from depression, this particular strain (and others like it) effectively removes that limit! You’ll be daydreaming like crazy in no time!

Unfortunately, you do have to be very careful with this strain, just because of how strong it is. A lot of people find that if they take too much they get paranoid. For some people, they simply start thinking they forgot to lock their car, whereas others start to think people are out to get them. Typically this happens in people who haven’t smoked a lot of weed in their lifetime.

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