Blue Afghani

This is one strain that won’t make you blue. This strain takes Afghani and Blueberry and makes it its own. The result is a resinous plant that smells sweet and a bit spicy. It’s a Canadian strain that will make you feel at home.

Blue Afghani Strain is a cannabis strain known best for its sweet yet slightly spicy flavour. Many find that the flavour makes them hungry, otherwise known as the munchies. As for the aroma, it is quite similar to the taste. Sweet with subtle undertones of spice. Most report that the aroma was excellent, whereas others liked the sweet but disliked the spicy undertones. It’s important to note that although the flavour and aroma are expected to be sweet and spicy, there is always the possibility that you’ll smell or taste something that nobody else has. That’s perhaps one of the most remarkable things about various cannabis strains, the effects, aroma, and flavour all depend on who’s consuming it!

Blue Afghani is incredible for chilling you out. Whether you’ve had a hard day, or just want to sit back and watch a scary movie, Blue Afghani is sure to mellow you out. This particular strain is a favourite among artists of all types, as the euphoric high the strain provides tends to boost your creativity levels, and allows you to look at life through a less previously inaccessible. Last but certainly not least, Blue Afghani is known to boost libido, meaning it’s a fan of those who like to party.

Recreation aside, Blue Afghani is well known for its ability to reduce and eliminate all types of pain. Toothaches, headaches, and various body aches are no match for blue afghani. Not to mention stress-related pains and even inflammation are no match. Although it may not be pain, appetite issues are often benefited when using Blue Afghani. People who suffer from anorexia and stress often cannot eat, but since Blue Afghani includes the munchies, people are often able to gain much-needed weight. Physical hardships are not the only things that people try to reduce using Blue Afghani cannabis. Mental hardships are just as common, if not more. Users that suffer from insomnia report that use before going to bed is incredibly helpful. Higher doses have been known to induce relaxation so calming that all factors causing insomnia tend to disappear. Examples being stress, OCD, and depression. Speaking of stress, Blue Afghani is known to reduce the magnitude of stressors, meaning you won’t be stressed out nearly as much by daily tasks.

Unfortunately, this strain is not without its possible side effects. Occurrences like dry eyes and dry mouth are common among most strains, but thankfully they’re easily countered. As long as you drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated, you should have little to no problems. Another possible side effect is mild anxiety and paranoia. Fortunately, these side effects are very uncommon and are usually only present in short bursts. Overall, the side effects of Blue Afghani are far outweighed by the benefits, making it a viable option for veteran and beginner users alike.

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