Faygo Red Pop

You don’t need to be down with the clown to enjoy Faygo Red Pop. This fruity indica strain from 710 Savant has Afghani origins and has won first prize in live resin back in the Michigan Cannabis Cup of 2015. It’s named after the cheap soda from Michigan, which is popular with fans of the horrorcore rap duo Insane Clown Posse.

This particular strain is well known for its brilliant fruity and sweet taste. With delicate hints of strawberry and a tremendous amount of sweet blueberries, Faygo Red Pop is a favourite among those with a sweet tooth. Many people who try Faygo Red Pop tend to notice sweet undertones of cherry and candy apple. Some people even report tasting lollipops and cotton candy. It’s almost as if this is the perfect strain to be using at a carnival. As for aroma, Faygo Red Pop tends to smell more of strawberry than blue to some, and vice versa to others. Regardless of which fruit dominates, most people say the aroma is very sweet, and can sometimes even be too much at times.

Faygo Red Pop is a perfect chill out and party strain. Known to mellow you out, enhance your creativity, and provide a feeling of euphoria that gets harder to forget each time you feel it. Not to mention many users say that their libido rose through the roof when using Faygo Red Pop. This particular strain often makes the user hungry, so make sure there are plenty of munchies at whatever party you may be at! The couch-lock shouldn’t be too bad for most, but it’s still a possibility. Make sure you have your snacks ready, just in case you’re not able to go raid the fridge and ransack the cabinets.

Although not as effective as other strains, Faygo Red Pop has been known to reduce inflammation, body pain, and stress headaches. Due to this, many young students suffering from stress-related body pain use the strain to cool off and let loose at parties. Where Faygo Red Pop Strain becomes a competitor is with mental hardships. Depression, fatigue, anxiety and stress are all no match for the ever so sweet strain. By inducing euphoria that lasts quite a while, the mind is hard-pressed to stay depressed. Needless to say, depression is no match for the might of the Faygo Red Pop cannabis strain. Last but not least, anxiety and stress often cause someone to stop eating, and therefore lose unhealthy amounts of weight with no way of packing it back on. Fortunately, since Faygo Red Pop gives users the munchies, many are able to pack the much-needed weight on without any trouble at all.

This particular strain has plenty of pros, but a few cons are still very present. Anxiety is sometimes a symptom of Faygo Red Pop use. However, it’s important to note that this is usually only felt by beginners who don’t know what to expect, or how to react upon receiving a cerebral high. Alongside the anxiety are dry mouth and dry eyes. These two are perhaps the most common symptoms among all cannabis strains and are as easy to fix as drinking a glass of water every now and then. Staying hydrated is important!

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