Flaming Cookies

Normally, cookies that are on fire wouldn’t be that good. But, the Flaming Cookies strain will have you thinking otherwise. This indica-dominant strain combines Fire OG and Girl Scout Cookies to create a strain with a woody, diesel taste.

Flaming Cookies is a potent strain with THC levels that can reach 25%. Consume this product slowly if you don’t have a high THC tolerance.

Visually, this strain truly looks as if it is on fire. Its buds are dark green. Flame coloured orange pistils decorate this strain’s nugs, giving some truth to its name. Its flavours and aromas are no less interesting. This strain has a strong, classic cannabis smell. You’ll immediately be able to pick up on Flaming Cookies’ earthy, diesel aromas. But if you’re lucky, you may be pleasantly surprised by some hints of eucalyptus as well. It has the same strong flavours. Expect to taste earth, fuel, and pepper as you consume this potent strain. While not the tastiest hybrid, we’re sure if you’re in the market for a natural mood-booster, you’ll love it.

Consuming this hybrid will bring you the best benefits of both sativa and indica strains. Because of this strain’s strength, you’ll feel its effects quickly. Prepare to be swept away to a happier place almost instantly. It’s high begins in the cerebral space. You’ll notice yourself feeling uplifted and euphoric. After embracing this cerebral high, this hybrid’s effects will spread to your body. Ease into your new state of relaxation and embrace the relief that this strain provides. You can consider the strain less sedative than pure indica strains, so you don’t need to worry about feeling locked to the sofa.

Because of this strain’s balanced properties, it has a variety of medical applications. During your initial cerebral high, you’ll find this strain is a wonderful remedy for any blues you may be feeling. If you’re stressed or depressed, this strain will quickly distract you and leave you feeling lighter. Say goodbye to negative thoughts and let it take you away. You may also find this strain useful for stimulating your appetite. Shortly after consuming this product, you’ll realize why. So, make sure you have snacks ready for your enhanced appetite.

The strain also has some physical health applications. Do you have any aches or pains? The relaxation of this strain provides ease general body aches and helps relieve stubborn tension. Some consumers have even found it an effective treatment for migraines. So, if you’re in the market for a soothing cannabis strain, it is a potent option for you.
We’re confident you’ll take a liking to this hybrid strain. It’s uplifting yet relaxing. You won’t need to worry about overly psychoactive effects either because its an indica-dominant strain. So, if you’re a seasoned cannabis consumer unafraid of potent strains, you’ll find it the perfect cocktail of benefits to treat physical and mental ailments.

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