Godzilla Blood

Crack open a nice can of Ginger Ale. Ginger Ale combines Cafe Girl and Cinderella 88, and it’s a strain that has a spicy smell to it. Expect a strain that has up to 25 percent THC as well, so it’s not for the faint of heart.

Godzilla Blood, the gentle giant strain

Created by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalolo Seed repository Godzilla Blood is a mixture spin-off of rare Hawaiian DNA and the potent GG4. It was created by crossing the Blood BX2 known for its incredible strength and Godzilla Glue (GG4 x Kona Gold). This weed strain emits a deep aroma of tropical earth intermixed with hashy, spicy flavours. Flavorwise it is sweet and hashy with hints of a pungent chemical on the exhale. It produces resinous nuggets, making it perfect for extraction. It is better suited to high-tolerance users looking to up their cannabinoid content. It is a larger-than-life cannabis strain that is well balanced. The plant produces oversized, monstrous colas with amazingly large buds. The physical appearance of this flower earned it the name Godzilla Blood. Its Godzilla genes give it a great bag appeal, making it very popular amongst consumers. The flowers are oversized, and the buds are neon-green with a thick layer of bloody orange pistils wrapping around the surface of the flower. In addition to big amber-brown trichomes, Godzilla Bloodflowers are often coated in a thick and sticky resin layer, be warned, it will gunk up any low-quality grinder you may use to break up the bud.

This marijuana strain has a unique aroma reminiscent of Hawaiian flowers. You will pick up scents of tropical fruits and flowers with sweet citrus notes and sharp pine. Not forgetting the in the pungent earthy vibe in the body of the aroma. In terms of flavour, it mirrors the small although it is a bit sweeter, and is often described as a combination of pine and tropical fruits.

This weed has an average THC concentration and balanced effects, making it an ideal choice for smoking at any time of the day, especially if you are looking for a moderate wake and bake smoke. On a moderate dosage, It gives a high that is quite mellow in nature it can be appreciated by users who are afraid of powerful strains. Its THC concentration is around 17% puts this weed strain steadily in the middle of the pack but that is not an indication of its full experience. On the onset, you will experience a head rush that gradually lifts your mood to new heights. As the high slowly spreads through the rest of your body, you will begin to feel euphoric and even light on your feet. It is a great strain if you are looking to kick back and chill with a couple of friends over good music and deep conversation.

The strain high spread quite quickly throughout the rest of your body. It will ease any muscle tension, launching you into the optimal level of relaxation without knocking you out. This is why this weed strain a great choice for a daytime puff as you won’t be sedated by any powerful indica effects or hyped up by any heady sativa effects. It can also be helpful to medical marijuana users who want to relieve symptoms of chronic stress, insomnia, depression and pain.

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