Godzilla Glue

This strain is a punch to the senses. Its original name is Hobbit, and personally, we like that a bit better, but we digress. This autoflower strain smells of strawberry candy with a sweet, earthy flavor. It has some Haze genetics, which you can feel thanks to its buzz. For growers, it flowers within 65 days and has a nice yield.

Godzilla Glue Strain is reputed as a larger-than-life balanced hybrid strain of marijuana. The development of this strain is credited to the Pua Mana 1st Pakalōlō Seed Bank in Hawaii. These US breeders would mix their own Kona Gold plants with Amazon Organics ‘ Gorilla Glue #4 to produce this strain. The outcome was a plant that generated gigantic, enormous colas with unbelievably large buds that they decided to appropriately call Godzilla Glue. The average THC content of this strain and balanced results make it a great choice at any point in the day.

It was the sheer physical characteristics of Godzilla Glue that gave it the name. It’s these same physical characteristics of the strain that contribute to excellent market appeal for consumers. With such large flowers and pastel-green buds wrapping and winding around the flower surface with a thick layer of hair orange pistils, it’s no surprise why consumers are lured to this strain. Apart from the inviting amount of amber-brown trichomes, Godzilla Glue flowers are often wrapped in an extremely thick and sticky resin coating that will certainly gunk up any cheap grinder you use to grind up the weed. This bud’s fragrance is quite special, and most say it smells like Hawaiian flowers. With an aroma that will remind you of tropical fruits and citrus, the flavour is also quite similar to that. The inhale is said to be relatively smooth and the high can last a fairly long time.

Effects Of Godzilla Glue

The high produced from Godzilla Glue is really quite mellow in nature and will certainly please those who are a little weary of the heavier strains. The THC content in this strain is around 17% and places it smack dab right in the middle of the pack, but this doesn’t say anything about its complete experience. This high can be described as initially starting out with a head rush that takes a root in your psyche, bringing your mood and mindset to new depths. Eventually, the sensations will spread slowly throughout the rest of your body. You will feel a little lighter on your feet and will basque in feelings of euphoria. If you want to sit back and relax with a few friends and enjoy being in the company of each other, Godzilla Glue is a great strain.

Because Godzilla Glue spreads its relaxing effects throughout your body, it will typically take the tension off of any muscles that might feel stiff. At the same time, it doesn’t make you feel completely sedated, and this is what makes the strain ideal for smoking during the day. With that being said, if you smoke it in a heavy amount over a long session, it can cause you to feel more sedated. You won’t be knocked out like some other strains tend to do.

Godzilla Glue is a strain that people purchase to ease their symptoms of stress, depression, pain, insomnia, mood swings, and headaches. Some users have also reported using it to control nausea.

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