Maui Bubble Gift

This is one gift anyone will accept. This CBD-dominant strain combines a hybrid of God’s Gift and Maui Wowie with a Bubble Gum. It’s a strain that smells like earthy floral.

About Maui Bubble Gift,
Mother Nature’s Gift To You

This strain was bred at Eco Firma Farms and the results are simply spectacular. It has CBD levels surpassing the strain’s THC content. In most instances Maui Bubble clocks in at a 2:1 ratio, with THC concentration being around 7% and CBD content over being 11%. Maui Bubble used to be a rare medical marijuana strain originating in the Pacific Northwest. Over the years it has become a favourite in the cannabis community across North America and it is enjoyed by both medical and recreational weed users. It is an eco-friendly strain that is cultivated using completely renewable energy.

This strain has nugs that lure weed lover in with a lime green tone and orangish, red hairs. It has tropical sweet notes that are contrasted by an earthy vibe, giving smokers with various types of taste preferences something to enjoy in this smoke. While it can take a while before a Maui Bubble high really kicks in, you will begin to feel a pleasant sense of elation that will clear your mind of any burdens and brings on the positive vibes. As time passes or as you increase the dosage you will experience a body buzz to accompany the cerebral lift. We do advise you to prepare for this smoke beforehand by stocking up on snacks as it will bring on a case of the munchies. It is great for newbie weed smokers as it does not have an intense high.

It is still true to its original renown for being an effective medical marijuana choice. This strain ideal for medical use and can bring relief to aches, pains, and mental health issues. It will help to stimulate appetite and settle nausea that some patients suffer due to chemotherapy. It has mood uplifting effects that can help treat depression and chronic anxiety. It truly is a medical powerhouse, veteran Maui Bubble Gift users have noted that above anything else, Maui Bubble Gift becomes their choice in treating various symptoms. If you need relief from a myriad of medical concerns, it could just be nature’s gift to you. For home growers, Maui Bubble Gift is more suited to the hands of an experienced grower. Maui Bubble Gift thrives in very specific light cycles and does best when cultivated using the Sea of Green method. It can only flourish in an organic environment, and after 9 to 11 weeks it will produce its precious flowers. If you are ever in the Oregon area, you will easily find some Maui Bubble Gift. It is a great choice for those moments when you need to feel refreshed.

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