Maui Mango Diesel

What a nice mango. This strain combines Maui Wowie and Brooklyn Mango. The mother is Dr. Undergrouns’s Brooklyn Mango and the father is Maui Waui. It’s a tropical strain you’re going to love.

The Maui Mango Diesel strain is by far one of the most tropical strains out there. Not only will you taste the beach and everything about it every time you light up, but you’ll actually feel like you’re there. If you’ve ever been to a tropical beach you know what we’re talking about. There’s just this feeling you get. A feeling of freedom that you can’t really get anywhere else. Doesn’t matter if you hit up the beaches of Mexico, Hawaii, or Jamaica. The feeling spreads throughout your body and doesn’t leave until you actually leave the beach. To sum all of that up, the Maui Mango Diesel strain brings that feeling back. But this time you don’t have to be on a beach. You can be in your bedroom. You could be in your bathroom, your living room, or in your backyard. It doesn’t matter. Wherever you are, you’ll feel free. Freer, then you’ve ever felt before. So what are you waiting for? Go and explore the new you. The free you.

Did you think we weren’t going to talk about the actual taste? No, we would never blabber on about just the feeling! Speaking of taste, smoking this is wonderful (not to mention even better when you bake it into some already tropical tasting treats, but that’s beside the point right now). The first thing you will taste is the overwhelming mango flavor. And no we don’t mean some artificial mango garbage, we’re talking about pure, unadulterated mango. It’s pure, it’s fresh, and it will actually refresh you. It’s like lighting a mango on fire and smoking it. This is the vast majority of the taste, but if you smoke it long enough, you’ll begin to notice the sweet citrus-like undertones. The aftertaste is definitely more citrus-like than mango-like, but that’s okay because we find the slight change to be awesome rather than disappointing. Trust us, if you like fruit, you’ll love this strain.

Now that we’ve covered the tropical elements, we have got to say our piece on the dream-inducing part! Okay, maybe you won’t have awesome weird lucid dreams (although some people have, we just don’t want to make it seem like everyone who smokes this will experience them), but you’re definitely going to sleep like you’re in your mother’s womb. No, don’t laugh or scoff, we’re serious. You’re going to feel incredibly warm and safe. Not to mention you’ll probably end up sleeping for three days straight. Maui Mango Diesel is really that good. What are you waiting for? Go light up!

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