Maui Haole

Another reason to visit Hawaii, this strain combines Romulan and Maui Wowie. This strain is also called Hawaiian Alien due to its name, as Haole means foreigners and Romulan is an alien from Star Trek.

The Maui Haole strain is great for curing sleep disorders. Most people think that strains are only good for temporary sleep ailment relief. Thankfully for all those who actually do suffer from sleep ailments, this can actually be a long-term solution. By helping regulate your sleep patterns and put you to sleep at regular times during the day you will effectively train your brain to sleep better. This is actually a great way to get over insomnia and it has been proven by multiple users.

Many people worry that because their insomnia is caused by stress this particular marijuana strain won’t work for them. Thankfully that’s not the case. By lowering your stress levels altogether you will sleep better than you ever have before as your mind will be as clear as the sky. The same actually goes for depression as well. For those curious as to how that works this particular strain is great at balancing various chemical amounts in the brain that can cause these types of mental illness if imbalanced. The balances we are speaking of are serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain. Both of these are naturally occurring which means that all this particular strain has to do is ramp up that natural production. Once those balances are even you will feel stress-free and very euphoric.

Interestingly enough this particular strain smells strongly of the tropics. You’ll notice that one of the most powerful aromas coming from the strain is of the mango and other tropical fruits. Mix this in with subtle hints of earth and dirt and you’ll feel as though you’re actually in some of the most tropical places on earth. Many people describe the smell as being very strong and that can sometimes deter people from using this but if you’re into very strong smells this is the strain for you. Do be sure to keep in mind that the taste is actually quite similar. You’ll notice at first that the strongest taste that comes through is kind of like earth and coconut-like flavor. However, after that, you’ll notice that all the other tropical fruits come through a lot stronger. Some people even say that the aftertaste is of just mangos alone.

This strain is actually quite good at enhancing your libido. Not only does that make it more fun for you and your partner but the experience overall will be better. You’ll be more confident and more willing to try new things. For more information on this particular strain, we recommend you visit your local weed dispensary or your family doctor. Do you keep in mind that we do not recommend this strain be used by absolute beginners on their own? We recommend that you have a friend close by so they can guide you through dosage and usage.

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