Predator Pink

Sometimes, the cutest things are predators. This strain combines Starfighter and Plushberry to make an indica-dominant strain that tastes like candy. It has a pinkish hue and is good for a day of relaxing.
The Predator Pink strain of cannabis is a very difficult and rare one to get your hands on. Even though it is rare, it is still common throughout the cannabis community. One major downside is that Exotic Genetix, the initial producer of this strain, has stopped breeding it. This means that if you ever want a chance at trying it out, you’ll need to grow it yourself. For the lucky few that are able to do this, it is not a difficult strain to cultivate and will mature in around 7 or 8 weeks. It is a durable strain and it is resistant to many growing conditions. Predator Pink is a good strain for people who are new to consuming weed because it has a THC level of 15%. It’s also great for veteran smokers because all you need to do is smoke more of it if you want to get higher. The fragrance that Predator Pink emits is a tropical fruit smell that contains earthy hints. Once you exhale it, you’ll experience a sour taste, but not in a bad way. The buds are almost in a grape formation and they are covered in trichomes.

General Effects Of Predator Pink

The majority of hybrids that are dominant in indica provide a high that starts off with a surge of euphoria. Predator Pink is the same way in that it will cause users to feel an initial sense of bliss that will soon turn into creativity and concentration. This makes it an ideal strain if you have a large list of things that you need to get done. You’ll notice that things will just start to flow easier after consumption. Artists love this strain because it helps them focus on their work better. In no time at all, you’ll start to experience relaxation all throughout your body, coupled with tingles. One nice feature is that it won’t completely knock you out to the point that you won’t be able to function.
Predator Pink is a strain that was created mostly for recreational users, but medicinal users can still reap the benefits of it. For those that deal with depression, this strain can uplift the mood to a point that just takes the edge off. Stress and anxiety also become easier to deal with after consuming a little Predator Pink. Some users that suffer from headaches and cramping can find relief, and those that have a hard time shutting their mind off for the night will greatly benefit as well. Users that are fortunate enough to try this strain wish that there was a never-ending supply of it because of the satisfying taste and blissful high.

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