Purple Gorilla

This gorilla ate too many grapes. The Purple Gorilla strain gets its name from its huge purple buds. It’s an indica-dominant strain from the Bay Area, with unknown parents. This strain is a good choice for various ailments like insomnia, muscle spasms, and more. It smells like citrus, cherry, and grape, and it’s covered in some nice trichomes. For growers, this strain flowers in about 7-8 weeks with plenty of yields. Take a brief read for the best Purple Gorilla strain info.

The full genetic background of the Purple Gorilla strain isn’t documented, but that doesn’t stop users from being able to enjoy it. The buds on this strain are very appealing to the eye, and the THC content in it hovers between 15% and 21%. The flowers on the Purple Gorilla Glue strain are smaller and in an eye-catching spherical formation. They cling together in a type of popcorn-looking cluster. The nuggets almost look like the shape of a dome, and they are dense and tightly packed, much like what you’d expect from any indica-dominant strain. The leaves are tightly curled in and are a dark olive green color. Some phenotypes of the strain will contain patches of purple on them. Users will notice a thick coating of trichomes that almost looks like ice when examining the buds.

The Gorilla Glue Purple strain has a smooth and flavorful smoke that has a peppery burst to it. It is a smooth smoke even when consumed in a pipe, and it contains a unique terpene profile.

Effects Overview of Purple Gorilla

A Purple Gorilla strain review isn’t complete without going into the specific effects of what it does to people after consumption. The high will generally take about seven minutes to kick in. Once it starts, it doesn’t stop. Users will almost feel a slightly disorienting feeling when they really feel the power of it. The initial effects will consist of a little flushing in the cheek areas and a tiny whence of throbbing around the forehead. Users will notice their perception has changed a bit, and they will also notice that time is moving a lot differently than before consumption. If you smoked this strain while you were sitting down, you’d have a hard time finding the motivation to get up. It creates a paralyzing feeling that will have you melting into the couch. On the flip side, if you took a few tokes of Purple Gorilla while you were outside and active, you will quickly find yourself wanting to lay back and relax. Users will notice a mild form of free-flowing thought patterns, but the majority of the time, users just feel lazy.

Medical Uses of Purple Gorilla

Medicinal patients can benefit from the strain’s ability to curve off depression and anxiety. Even PTSD can be relieved by consuming Purple Gorilla. Minor irritations like headaches and nausea can be helped, and those that have a lower appetite due to treatments like chemotherapy will benefit from the appetite increase that results from smoking Purple Gorilla. Users that are prone to paranoia or panic will have no problem with Purple Gorilla.

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