Purple Hashplant

Hashy and ready to bash. This hybrid strain has a nice berry and fruit flavour to it and for growers, it takes about 8-9 weeks to grow. It smells just like perfume, making it a strain everyone should love.

About Purple Hashplant,
A Rare And Unique Strain

Purple Hashplant is well known for being an evenly-balanced hybrid weed strain with a touch of mystery to it as the strain’s genetic history remains unknown. No person really knows for sure which cannabis strains were combined to create Purple Hash plant. In addition to the parent strains being unknown, no one knows who the people behind breeding the original Purple Hashplant strain. The mystery has been debated over several years and in general, the marijuana community has concluded that the strain actually comes from the kush family lineage.

Purple Hashplant is an ideal strain for smoking during the day. This strain is suitable for all weed smokers, whether you are a veteran who has been blazing for years or a newbie, you can enjoy a Purple Hashplant. In terms of potency, it will not you out even if you are marijuana users with low THC tolerance. It lies in the mid to low range of concentration with THC levels of around 12%. As you may have guessed from its name, Purple Hashplant has buds that transition from a vibrant olive green into deep hues of purple and violet. The colouring has subtle differences across different plants, different harvests Purple Hashplant produce a slightly different variety. Some of the buds from this strain will look like they are leaning more towards purple while some may lean more towards a green colour.

In terms of aroma, Purple Hashplant produces mild scents. Unlike most kush varieties that have a pungent kick, Purple Hashplant weed does not have an overwhelming smell. On the nose, it gives off subtle whiffs tropical fruit and sweet floral scents. The fruity aroma is accompanied by a splendid flavour that is a mix of berries and tropical fruit. On the exhale, Purple Hashplant exhibits hints of its pungent kush heritage yet it remains subtle. Purple Hashplant is certainly a unique strain. While its low THC concentration would suggest that it gives a low to medium-high, it is known to have effects that are stronger than expected. In actual fact, most occasional cannabis consumers would most likely spot this strain on a dispensary shelf and easily ignore it and opt for something stronger even if it may have a higher price. If you are looking for more affordable cannabis though, Purple Hashplant is a perfect choice. It is worth noting that this strain is not as popular as it could be.

It can be difficult to find, it is almost exclusively sold in medical cannabis dispensaries east of Los Angeles. If you are a home grower and are lucky enough to get your hands on some Purple Hashplant seeds, you will appreciate the fact that it is an easy-to-grow plant that typically flowers within 8-9 weeks.

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