Purple OG Kush

The perfect bud for experienced smokers looking for a heavy hitter, Purple OG Kush is a potent and intense indica that will leave you sleepy and unfocused. A popular medicinal strain, this bud is no joke, with smokers reporting a lack of focus and significant sedative qualities. This strain should be smoked with caution, as the effects can become overwhelming. Have some snacks ready when smoking this bud, you’re gonna need them

This powerful bud is ideal for the more experienced weed smoker but can be enjoyed by most users because of its moderate THC levels, ranging between 16 and 20%. It is an indica dominant hybrid that has a colourful high, intensely affecting both mind and body. Its wide range of effects make it perfect for recreational as well as medical use. It is known for being a potent strain with intense high. Occasional indica smokers will appreciate the strength of this marijuana strain as it provides an optimal level of relaxation without being overwhelming. New and experienced consumers should use this strain sparingly, a little goes a very long way, you can take our word for it.

Purple OG Kush is a great way to kick back and chill out, a perfect way to unwind after a long day or week. It may cause you to feel foggy and sleepy so we recommend an afternoon or evening smoke to avoid an awkwardly timed knock out the nap. We suggest keeping your favourite snacks ready as this bud can induce a serious case of the munchies. Be prepared for the cravings as much as possible, you’ll thank us later. Recreational cannabis smokers will like this strain because it can lead to an elevated content state, punctuated by spells of euphoria and creativity. If you’re looking for creative inspiration, this could be the strain for you. The high is said to have an average duration of 2 to 3 hours

Along with a potent high, this kush boasts of a bold flavour and aroma. This kind of weed has a fresh earthy flavour with a sweet woody fragrance. Its sweet earthiness is complemented by notes of grapes, berries and pine. When you light it up for a cloud of smoke you’ll notice its fruity and hash-like odour. When cured this kush strain has medium-sized flowers with a dense bud structure. The appearance of the leaves can be equal parts green and purple.

It’s sedative properties that make it a popular choice for medical cannabis use. Its dynamic properties can relax and soothe the body and mind. Its calming, sleep-inducing effect also makes it an effective treatment for entrenched insomnia. Remember this strain stimulates appetite which makes it a great remedy for lack of appetite. Smoking this cannabis strain may provide a numbing relief for chronic pain, migraines, headaches and back pain. People battling with mental health issues such as depression and stress can benefit from the mood improvement and stress relief effects of this marijuana.

It can have some mild side effects which are minimally unpleasant. Smoking this weed can cause dry mouth and dry and itchy eyes. In some cases consuming in large doses can lead to dizziness as well as anxiety and paranoia.

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