Purple Panty Dropper

Uplifting and ethereal, Purple Panty Dropper is a stunning indica-dominant strain that’s known for its body-sensation enhancing qualities. The bud is named for its uniquely purple hues and is a three-way cross between Purple Haze, Oregon Grape, and Matanuskan Mist.
Purple Panty Dropper is definitely a provocative name, in addition to its colouring, Purple Panty Dropper weed is also named as a nod to its ability to guarantee smokers a good time. Purple Panty Dropper is a strong strain with a potent high. It has a high THC concentration of between 18% and 25%. People who have a low THC tolerance can find that this strain is overwhelming to the mind and body. If you are not an experienced smoker, we recommend that you take the Purple Panty Dropper strain in small doses.
On the nose, Purple Panty Dropper cannabis will feel like you are taking a Sunday stroll through a spring garden of flowers. The strain has a floral scent with strong earthy notes. When you grind the buds and set them on alight, you will get a pleasant fruity smell with a grape on the foreground. In terms of the flavour profile, Purple Panty Dropper delivers the sweet and tart taste of full, ripe grapes. As you continue smoking, the flavour evolves into a rich floral flavour muddled in with the taste of wet soil. As you exhale this bud, a fruity aftertaste will convince you to take a few more puffs.

Purple Panty Dropper strain high

The high from this weed will start off very cerebral and eventually move to the rest of your body. It is also known for bringing on tingling sensations followed by a pleasantly soothing comedown. Within a few minutes of smoking Purple Panty Dropper, you will feel your mood lift into a positive and carefree disposition. As your mood soars, you may feel some tingling around your temples.
It is best to smoke Purple Panty Dropper over the free weekend or during night time as it can relax you into a sedated state. If you are just looking to wind down after a long day, just take a few tokes, and you will be set. The buzz will gently rock you to sleep. If you are looking to have a special time with a partner, this strain can act as an aphrodisiac if you use a moderate amount. Some people find that Purple Panty Dropper cannabis gives them cottonmouth and dries the eyes. For people who have an existing panic or paranoia condition, the strain can aggravate anxiety and lead to a dreadful experience. We suggest taking this plant in small doses and pacing yourself to avoid negative experiences.
For medical marijuana patients, Purple Panty Dropper weed is useful for relieving chronic stress, depression, and anxiety. Because of its high THC concentration, the strain can be very helpful in treating pain and muscle spasms. It has been known to bring relief from headaches, menstrual cramps, and various body aches. It also acts as an effective appetite stimulant, and it can get rid of nausea.

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