Race Fuel OG

Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme a stoned high. This strain from Archive Seeds combines Face Off OG and OG Kush. The combination is a diesel strain with a hint of pine and citrus. It’s quite potent.
This bud is more commonly called the Race Fuel strain without the OG added. The Race Fuel OG strain definitely brings together two potent plants to bring us one strong cannabis strain. It has a very well balanced effect that everyone can enjoy, whether you are a newbie or an experienced smoker. The Race Fuel cannabis strain has a THC level averaging around 17%, so it will give you a good buzz without overwhelming you. In terms of appearance, this plant has dark and thick nugs with a few pistols and a lot of blue-toned trichomes. When it comes to flavour, this is a full-bodied strain that brings together notes of pine, citrus and diesel with a spicy kick.

Race Fuel OG effects and benefits

This strain does not waste any time at all, it will hit you just a few moments after you take a few puffs. The high begins in the mind, bringing on happy and positive thoughts and some tingles of excitement. If you have had a bad day, get home and give this strain a try. It spreads the good vibes to your body, making you feel light and relaxed, forgetting all the things that may have been weighing heavily on you. This is a balanced smoke that keeps a really good rhythm between making you feel energized and sedated, without swaying you too far in either direction. Newbie smokers and people with a low THC tolerance will appreciate the gentle journey this strain takes you on. It is also a great strain for smoking with a group of buddies over good conversation. For medicinal cannabis patients, this plant is good stuff. The Race Fuel OG cannabis strain is a well-known healer of a range of medical issues. It relieves that pain in many forms from headaches to menstrual cramps, and sore muscle tissues. Smoking some Race Fuel weed can bring much-appreciated relief to people suffering from mental health concerns such as chronic stress and depression. It has mood uplifting properties that make your mind take flight and head to your happy place. If you have had a stressful day or a long week, this is an ideal smoke to help you wind down and find your center again. The plants of Race Fuel strain grow both in and doors. The trouble with wanting to grow this strain at home is that it is hard to get your hands on the seeds because Archive Seeds only distribute their genetics to a select few reputable dispensaries. Home growers would be better off trying to find a grower who has a Race Fuel OG plant and then cloning their own at home. This plant will be a great addition to your stash, you can thank us later!

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