Red Velvet Pie

We’ve heard of a red velvet cake, but never a pie. This strain combines Burmese Thai and Cherry Pie to create a green-budded strain with purple and pink to it. It’s a bit chocolatey, a bit like cinnamon, and has a fuel smell, too. It’s definitely a weird combination, but we like it.
If you happen to have a sweet tooth, then it is highly recommended to give the Velvet Pie strain a try. Sometimes you can find Velvet Pie to be at around 15% THC content, while other times, you might get lucky and are able to find a batch at 23%. The nugs on this strain are mostly dense with pink and purple colored pistils poking out of them. The bud also contains a nice and shimmering coating of trichomes as well. The combination of flavors that the Red Velvet Pie strain provides users is almost like a dessert that people will want to eat after their dinner.
It is hard to get your hands on seeds in order to grow Velvet Pie. You might get lucky if you go all the way to where it originates, which in Oregon, but the chances are slim.

Overview Of Velvet Pie Effects

The Purple Velvet Pie strain is a good choice to consume before doing a bunch of tasks that you need to get done. Shortly after smoking it, users will feel a boost in creativity, so if you have any analytical chores on that chore list, Velvet Pie will make those chores feel like a breeze. Users will also feel a strong urge to socialize. This makes it a good strain to consume when you are in social gatherings or just hanging out with friends. Communication will flow a lot easier, and things will seem more interesting. New subjects that you haven’t talked about before will all of a sudden become intriguing. Shortly after the initial feelings of the high, users will be overcome with a relaxation that will let them just go with the flow with whatever comes their way. It is a strain that is perfect for consuming in any type of setting. Whenever someone goes to a party, they should shout out, “velvet pie strain in house,” because it’s such a good one to consume before socializing.
Users like using Velvet Pie weed medicinally because it has a 1% CBD content. Those who deal with depression will like how this strain is able to pick their mindset out of the gutter and help them get through the day. Stress levels will also be drastically reduced after consuming Red Velvet Pie. Many users turn to this strain to help them with pain throughout their bodies that is caused by arthritis or other conditions. Appetite issues slowly dissipate after consuming, and users will become hungry. You can consume this strain either during the day or at night. It all depends on your tolerance levels and how much you think it will affect you.
When you’re seeking a strain that has a great balance of effects, Velvet Pie makes for the ideal choice every time.

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