Red Widow

This widow is hard to find, but if you do find her, marry her. Red Widow is a balanced hybrid that combines White Widow and Red Dragon. It has a very strong taste of fruit, cream, and a bit of butter, along with a tropical flavor, too. It’s a strain that has up to 18 percent THC, making it a powerhouse.

The red widow strain is the perfect strain for people who love both the tropics and the old-school classic flavors of cannabis. Smoking this strain will reward you with bountiful tastes of mango and other tropical fruit but at the same time, you’ll notice the intense flavor of a skunk. Some people really enjoy this strain because tropical fruits tend to come through first and the aftertaste of skunk comes through just a few moments later. Do be wary because the Skunky aftertaste is sure to linger on your clothing for the remainder of the day that you smoked it.

If you suffer from any sort of sleep disorder like insomnia you definitely need to give the red widow strain a try. A lot of people say that when they smoke the red widow strain they sleep better than they ever have in their entire life. Not only will you get a great night’s sleep but it is somewhat of a long-term solution as you’re technically programming your brain to fall asleep at a certain time. Another effect that goes nicely with the former is an increased libido. Typically when you smoke this you’re gonna notice intense arousal for an hour or two and then immediately afterward you’ll sleep like a baby.

Similarly to other strains, this one is also great for helping people with anorexia and other eating disorders. Since red widow gives you a strong urge to munch chances are you’re actually going to put on quite a bit of weight. This may not be the ideal effect for people trying to lose weight but it is definitely great for people who suffer from anorexia. What’s important to note is that anorexia victims typically suffer from purging. However, the red widow strain makes it very hard to do so as it is very unlikely you’ll feel nauseous at all.

Another common effect of the red widow strain is the reduction of inflammation. This means if you suffer from arthritis or other similar chronic pain you may benefit appropriately. By reducing inflammation you not only reduce the chronic pain overall but you also may gain back a small bit of mobility as the inflammation is typically what causes that lack of movement.

For more information on the red widow strain, we recommend you visit your local weed dispensary and speak to a licensed retailer. For more information on how the red widow strain can help you relieve the medical ailments we recommend you speak to your family doctor or a general practitioner.

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